News & Stories Marvin: Bringing the Gift of Healing

Marvin: Bringing the Gift of Healing

Marvin: Bringing the Gift of Healing

Marvin, field worker and chauffeur.

Loading up the Tebow CURE van with clinic supplies, registration forms, and enthusiastic staff and then driving it outside of Davao City for our mobile clinic—this monthly task is one of my favorites, even if most of the places we go to are far and unfamiliar.

Field workers are off! The van transports us outside Davao City for our monthly mobile clinic duty.

Although this is a once-a-month experience for the mobile clinic team itself, we have another team—the team of field workers. With the help of our community partners, our field workers organize this special outreach event, which allows Tebow CURE to bring the gift of healing right to the doorsteps of our patients.

Marvin started at Tebow CURE as a driver for the field workers. However, being at the forefront of our ministry, Marvin always did more than asked. He carried information, built relationships, and sought potential patients in the community, just like a field worker. Because of that, it became clear to management that being a field worker was a better fit for him. He easily transitioned his new position.

Marvin still drives the van now as a field worker, bringing the good news of healing to each village with joy as he offers his tasks to the Lord.

“I’ve always wanted to do mission work,” Marvin testifies in the midst of a busy mobile clinic. “Even though it’s tiring as you walk into every barangay (village), it’s okay. It’s exhausting to do travel and find patients with these special cases, but I like it because it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I prayed for this kind of job before. My job title may have changed, but the job itself never did.’

Words may not be able to describe the many things that Marvin and his team do as they work in the field, but he says it best when he shares, “We can bring the gift of healing in many ways. We spread information and educate the parents, telling them that there’s still a chance for their kids to get healing, that by the grace of God, there’s nothing impossible with Him. We never know how God can use the hospital to reach out to those who are in need. This is what gives me the courage to keep going.”

Precious children visiting one of our mobile clinics!


Marvin, serving patients at our mobile clinic.

As a mobile clinic participant, our monthly trips seem like fun adventures. I love traveling outside of Davao once a month to serve our patients. Through Marvin’s perspective, I get to witness how the field workers trust the Lord for strength and protection daily with the weight of their responsibilities.

“One time, I was pulled over in an area where locals thought I was a spy. I suspected that they were connected with a local insurgency group, and they must have thought I was an informant for the government. I got asked about my purpose for traveling in their area, so I showed them the fliers (promoting our mobile clinic), and they let me go. I was still able to get through to my destination.”

Despite these types of hindrances, Marvin accomplishes his tasks with joy, especially when he sees the start of a child’s healing through the mobile clinic.

“Being here at a mobile clinic and seeing kids is the most fulfilling part of my job. I can’t believe that this is the means of my livelihood. I’m really amazed by God’s grace. At first, I wonder if a child with a severe disability is going to get healed, but I see how God uses the hospital to bring this healing, and I’m amazed and happy to know that they have found hope. There’s also a spiritual intervention, and that itself is an answer to my prayers.”

Everything that we do at CURE belongs to the Lord, and Marvin’s role is but one of the many God uses to bring healing to kids in the Philippines. When you give to CURE, your hands empower Marvin to deliver the gift of healing to those who need it.