Ivy’s ODP tour!

About a year ago, we broke ground on CURE Kenya’s new outpatient department building (OPD), a replacement for our old and overcrowded one. After months of supply deliveries, machine noises, and thousands of hours of labor, it is now basically finished and being put to use!

“It’s beautiful!” said Felix, our young patient who admired it without even seeing the inside, and before it was even finished! Although Felix didn’t get to go inside, YOU will get the exclusive tour by our patient and tour guide, Ivy! She is very excited to walk you through the brand new OPD.

Ivy is five years old and recently had a burn contracture release surgery at CURE Kenya. She came back to CURE for a checkup and was admitted for rehab.  While she visited, we took her on on a tour of the OPD complex, and now she’s going to give YOU a tour.

Here I am, outside the new OPD! I am standing on a monument that tells how the first stone of the building was laid by the First Lady of Kenya.


I think it’s fun to walk and jump through the fancy sliding glass door!


Here I am with all the other patients waiting to see the doctor!

Did you know that you can brighten Ivy’s day by sending her a get well message?

The ledge on the new pharmacy window also makes a good seat.


Rachel works in the private clinic and stood with me for a photo.


The colorful toys in our reception area are very entertaining!


I’m heading up the stairs to see the new offices!


Here’s one of the new offices!


I only sat in the staff lounge for a little bit, because I wasn’t drinking chai!


When I visited the business office, Bertha gave me two balloons!


Just me in the upstairs hallway.


The boardroom chairs are comfy AND they spin!


Alice the OT took my splint off in the cast removal room. The people watching are my parents!


This is the PT room. Later, I came back to an occupational therapy (OT) room (connected to this room) for OT with Alice.


I’m probably not the only child who’s made a face like this when they visited the doctor’s office, but at least I got to sit in a nice big room of green!


My friend and I both got MORE balloons when we visited the new playroom!


When you visit the playroom, you get to take off your shoes and play a while!


You can see the downstairs part of the ODP from the offices upstairs!


I couldn’t ride the lift because it’s not working yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to the next time I visit!

Be sure to tell Ivy that she did an incredible job as your tour guide or if you’d like to keep up with Ivy and her fun filled adventures be sure to follow her CUREkids profile today!!