CURE Malawi’s new mobile library

A photo of Sharon from Malawi. Learn more at

CURE Malawi recently received some lovely visitors from the UK who helped fund and set up a mobile library for our kids!

Charlie Dawson first came to Malawi five years ago on a school trip, and he has been back to visit every summer since. On his second visit, Charlie brought his mother along, and it was then that they became inspired to set up this library!

Charlie, left, and Jimmy Chimphinda, CURE Malawi’s Spiritual Director, do an official handover photo! Charlie says, “When I visited CURE with my mum, she said, ‘We need to do something for these children’, so we have.”

Charlie says, “My mum and I saw the good work that was happening in the school, but a lot of the children in the hospital couldn’t get to the classroom, so we decided to take the classroom to them. We’ve set up a mobile library, which is two boxes on a trolley, but it means that Jarson the teacher can take the books to the children. They can check a book out for the day, and at the end of the day they can give the book back so that when new children come in, they can have a chance to use them.”

Playroom Assistant Funny checks a book out to a child by writing down the details in a notebook. All of the books have been numbered to help keep track of them.

A few of the books were already in our playroom, but donors via Children’s Corner Childcare (the Dawson’s family business) paid for the majority of the books as well as for the trolley and boxes for transport.

Beauty’s mom helps her read a book.

Charlie says, “We bought a box of educational books, which has all of the secondary school books across all the curriculum, so if the children wish to continue to do their studies, they can. Then, we have another box that’s a mixture of English and Chichewa books full of stories with nice, bright pictures, so even if the children can’t read the words, they can still enjoy them.”

The box on the left has secondary school books for older kids who want to continue studying, so they don’t fall behind while in the hospital. The box on the right has fun picture books for younger kids to enjoy.


“I’m reading The Hare and the Lion!” – Hajira


Funny, playroom assistant, helps Sharon read her book.

We’re so grateful to Charlie and Lesley Dawson, the Children’s Corner Childcare, and all of the donors who gave money to buy these books! It’s awesome that they not only saw a need in our hospital but made the effort to fill in the gap. Often, side projects like this go unrealized because our resources are so focused on helping the children spiritually and surgically, so we’re glad for the assistance to help the kids educationally as well!

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