News & Stories Compassionate teen turns Sweet 16 party into a fundraiser for CURE!

Compassionate teen turns Sweet 16 party into a fundraiser for CURE!

Compassionate teen turns Sweet 16 party into a fundraiser for CURE!

As Kenna’s 16th birthday approached, her mother, Stacy, wanted to celebrate in a special way. Kenna loves folk dancing, so Stacy suggested they host a folk dance party in honor of her big day. There was just one problem: while Kenna loved the idea of hosting a dance, she wasn’t keen on being the center of attention. So, Stacy came up with a plan; since Kenna didn’t want the focus to be on her, she and her mother decided to shift the focus to something else entirely. They decided to make the dance a charitable event.

Kenna is ready to spread the word about CURE at her sweet-sixteen birthday party!

Stacy and Kenna had to decide on a charitable organization. Kenna recalled hearing about CURE on WAY-FM, and she went online to seek out more information. After checking CURE’s website (for the first time), she felt we were an organization worth supporting.

Stacy has a friend who puts on folk dances, so she reached out to him for help. Stacy made sure guests had ample food and drinks, and her friend took care of the rest. He helped Kenna choose the dances, secured a dance hall, provided the sound system, and served as party host, both teaching and calling the dances during the party.

“He and Kenna share the same birthday, so I was surprised when he said yes!” Stacy shared.

Kenna’s friends gather for a night of folk dancing.

To spread the word about CURE, Kenna shared the CURE website on social media and within the digital invitations. During the event, she distributed flyers sent by our Development team.

The party was a big hit! Guests danced the night away, just like these kids did in Niger! Kenna shared that most of her guests had never heard about CURE, but were happy to support it once they visited the website.

Kenna dances the night away!

“I was pleased with how the event turned out,” says Kenna. “It was a great opportunity to spread the word about CURE.”

We think a dance is the perfect way to celebrate both a sweet sixteen birthday and our CUREkids. You see, some of our patients come to us unable to walk, let alone dance. When they finally receive treatment, there is such joy is being able to move! There is pride in helping with chores around the house, an eagerness when they walk to school, and when they dance, they dance like they’ve never danced before… because many have not.

Eleven-year-old Djamila from Niger, for instance, dreams of dancing someday. Djamila recently had surgery to fix a serious leg malformation, and dancing is what she most looks forward to doing once she’s healed. (Djamila is currently a patient at CURE Niger.)

Djamila dreams of dancing one day.

By the end of the evening, Stacy and Kenna raised $335 that will help bring children with treatable conditions the healing they desperately need.

Thank you, Stacy and Kenna, for choosing to make CURE the focus of your party! We know God will bless your contribution. Your generosity is going to make an incredible difference in the life of a child. We dub you both valiant and worthy CURE heroes!

Interested in turning your upcoming event into a fundraiser for CURE? Visit our website for resources and further information.

No event on your horizon? No problem. Our CURE kids are always in need of heroes, and there are multiple ways to give. Please visit our website to make a one-time or a recurring donation to help a child with a treatable disability get the help he or she desperately needs.