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Spiritual Ministry & Community Engagement

Spiritual Ministry & Community Engagement

CURE’s commitment to serve brings physical healing to patients through surgery and transformation in people’s lives through spiritual healing. CURE’s spiritual ministry focuses on these three categories: patient ministry, community engagement, and staff discipleship.

Community engagement starts when we bring ourselves outside of our regular hospital routine and travel miles away to meet patients who do not have access to the city. We are willing to meet our patients’ need right at their doorsteps if possible.

The most efficient way to engage in the community is through the mobile clinic. With an average of 100 families per mobile clinic, our spiritual ministry team is outnumbered, which is why we reach out to local churches and pastors at every mobile clinic site.

Through local church partners, we are  connected to at least ten pastors at every location who are willing to build relationships and share the gospel during outreach. Patient Coordinator Mary Ann says, “We are here not only to proclaim spiritual help but offer tangible help.” But how can we do that?

Our team together with other local pastors offers tangible help during mobile clinic through counseling in God’s word, praying, listening, offering essential needs like transportation and housing throughout their healing, and evaluating other patient’s needs.

As a local outreach partner, Pastor Gerry mentions, “Building relationships is the main goal, and when given the opportunity to share the gospel, do so.”

As we continue to reach out to our community, we pray for our church partnerships to grow locally. We carry the spiritual ministry of CURE not only on what we believe, but also on how we act. This starts at our patients’ community.