Spiritual Emphasis Week: Taking time to focus on God

Co-workers extend their arms as they pray for a man whose brother passed away.

“Thinking about how [God] is working, how He is working among us, thinking about how we are glorifying Him through what we do was the goal of Spiritual Emphasis Week,” said Pastor Fred.

Pastor Fred closes the first session taught by Executive Director Tim Erickson.

For a week, CURE Uganda co-workers gathered to listen to pastors, parents, and worship singers from across the country as they taught on knowing God, marriage, family, and finance. They met for 17.5 hours over five days. The Spiritual Department brought in pastors from the pastor network to teach. Dr. Omala taught about salvation and the assurance of eternal life, raising godly children, and faithfulness in marriage. Rev. Ouke taught about knowing God’s calling for your life, dating, courting, divorce, and a purposeful life. In the middle of the week, Rev. Emalu and Pastor Macho taught on procrastination, preparing for retirement, and a family altar. Some CURE co-workers also taught. Executive Director Tim Erickson taught on healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God along with the beatitudes. In addition, Tim and his wife Kiera taught about parenting. From the Spirtual Center, Pastor Fred, Winnie, and Annet led teachings, worship, and prayer during the week.

Immaculate takes notes.

“We chose [topics] according to the need through observation. We get to know the spiritual needs of the members of staff here, so that helped us identify topics that are relevant to the situations people are going through. Through counseling, we get to understand that there are marriage issues that people go through. That was one of our topics. There are parenting issues. People have a challenge parenting, especially with teenagers, having trouble relating to them. That was one of our topics. We also realized some people aren’t having a relationship with Jesus, so we wanted to talk about salvation: what does it mean and how to get in a relationship with the Lord. Then, finance issues. You know, money is never enough and people use it in different ways. Some use it wisely and some use it recklessly. Whatever money God gives us is for a reason,” said Pastor Fred.

Annet follows along in her Bible during a sermon.

“Spiritual emphasis week was good to hear from men of God. They stirred up our spirits. They taught us many things. They taught us how to make altars in our families, not only at church, but we need to make prayer altars even in our homes where you can pray before you come out of your home. You don’t just pray out of home, but even at home. The prayer altar helps your family know God more. You come together as a family. You pray. You share the word of God. It makes the spiritual life of you and your family to grow at home,” said Seera Rose, Social Worker. “From that day, when they taught us, I started a prayer altar at home… It’s all about what you heard when you hear the Word of God. Put it in action. Don’t just hear. We had a word about prayer altars, so I went home and started. There is a difference in my prayer life.”

Keira and Tim Erickson teach on parenting.

“I learned about single parenting as a single mother. There are challenges. Children can disturb and parents need to be patient with them… Always trying to explain to the child to be content with you have. Talk to your children. Appreciate them always. When you reach home, try to hug your children and appreciate them,” said Monica Aloo, Clinical Nurse Coordinator.

Co-workers swing their arms as they watch gospel singer Segawa perform.

“Spiritual Emphasis Week to me was good, and it was a blessing because there was a number of things that were taught. One: I learned relationships in marriage and the number of things that were taught were really helpful to me as a married person. How to resolve conflict in marriage. How to best grow your marriage. The love in a relationship is always at an apex in the beginning, but as people live longer in marriage, the loves comes down. During Spiritual Emphasis Week, I discovered there are many things that I can do to bring up more life in my marriage and see that every single day is a new day for me in my relationship,”said Kenneth, Accounts Assistant. “Like any other marriage or another bit of life, it has so many challenges. Marriage itself is an institution. Of course, issues will never fail to come, but how you handle the issues in the marriage will either cause you to have peace in the marriage or cause violence…. We made three years on the thirteenth of December. Bless the Lord.”

Pastor Macho walks down the aisle as he teaches.

“I hope to see more stable families of people who work here. I hope to see people raise children for God through our parenting lesson. I hope to see improved interpersonal relationships. I hope to see people closely walking with the Lord, which I am already seeing. I hope to see staff members who have not made faith decisions to follow Jesus to begin to make faith decisions as I witnessed one intern who came to Christ right after Spiritual Emphasis Week. I hope to see the doctors and nurses practicing their faith alongside their profession. I hope to see more devotion to spiritual programs,” said Pastor Fred.


Rev. Ouke teaches co-workers about knowing God’s calling for your life.

Dr. Omala teaches on salvation and the assurance of eternal life.


George bows his head as he prays.

Jacob reaches out to get a high five as his sister Aidah holds him. She had perfect attendance during Spiritual Emphasis Week.

Gorreti dances with a performer during the last day.

Harriet sits outside the Spiritual Center as she listens to the sermon and watches reception.

Co-workers extend their arms as they pray for a man whose brother passed away.

A speaker was installed in the kitchen so co-workers could listen as they cooked.