Co-workers replenish their souls

“I grew up in a religious family, but didn’t really take that step into having a relationship with Jesus, which is what I was missing. I went to church and prayed maybe once or twice a day. When I came to CURE Malawi, I met people full of passion for Christ, who demonstrate Christlikeness and speak so much about Jesus…. Wow, this made my heart hunger to know my Bible and learn what Jesus is all about. I have grown a lot in knowing His Word, and recently, I have made a new spiritual record and I fasted for a week! I had many questions about my faith in Christ, and now that I read my Bible more and pray at all times, I have confidence and I have peace. I am willing to testify to others.” – Pamela Mitunda

Pamela Mitunda is on the administration team at CURE Malawi. We decided to ask her and some other co-workers how the Spiritual Ministry at CURE Malawi has helped them grow and mature as believers. Reaching out and sharing the gospel with our patients and their families is very important to us, but so is ministering to our employees. Being able to love and strengthen our staff means they can shine the light of Christ to those we serve. Some of the practical ways we do staff discipleship is morning devotion groups and a weekly Tuesday chapel service, as well as individual counseling.

Jarson from the Spiritual Team provides counseling to Elizabeth, a CURE Malawi cleaner.

A guest speaker preaches during an all-staff chapel service.

Physiotherapist Bessie says, “One thing that really makes me happy and want to always come to work is the morning devotions. I find His peace and it encourages me to carry out the
day with joy, expectant of His guidance and joy. I have grown in trusting God more by reading His Word, I have put myself in prayer groups and it has really helped my faith. When I hear the
testimonies in different prayer groups here, my faith grows and I hunger to encounter Him more. I have learned to pray for my family more than before, as well as for others, and I love doing intercessions.”

Dorothy sings for the praise team during a special event to say goodbye to our former Executive Director.

Dorothy Mzima, one of our nurses, says, “Ever since I joined CURE, I have come to learn a life of evangelism. I have come to love the ministry to serve, help and encourage others. One of my
favorite parts of ministry here at CURE is ministering in the chapel gathering. My boldness for public speaking has only been built by God. Through the devotions and discipleship, I have become a person who loves unity and to live as a family, and even to love our work. When I lead people into worship, praise, and other ministries, my heart feels good, and I just love it.”

Co-workers study the Bible during a Wednesday morning devotion group.

Physiotherapist Janet says she relies on God for wisdom and strength.

“Joining CURE has helped me a lot spiritually. If you look at the way things are done here, you don’t do things based on your own strength, to say I know this thing and I can do it best. You say ‘God, this is what I know; for what I don’t know, help me.’ Because there’s no one who knows everything. You are bound to make mistakes because you cannot say you know completely everything about the human body. You find that the same condition that was treated in one way, after some time, things change because people have done new research. But working with CURE, you are able to surrender yourself to say, ‘God, on my own I cannot do it.’ Because on your own, you can apply a cast and say, ‘I’ve done the best job,’ but sometimes complications can show up despite doing a good job. So you need to say, ‘God, give me the guidance, give me the wisdom that is needed to do this thing correctly.’ So that’s what I’ve learned. When I have been in school, I feel that I’m missing something…. Here at CURE, we start every day with prayers from 7:30 to 8:00. If you take it as routine, you won’t grow, but if you say, ‘God, I want to learn something new from You today,’ then every day as you do devotions it keeps replenishing your soul; you hunger more and more for God.”

Sungi sings during a Tuesday morning worship service.