Clubfoot free: Shamira

Shamira’s father, Idrisah, works in South Africa, and Rabecca hasn’t seen him in two years, since before Shamira was born. It’s difficult raising a child by yourself (let alone a child who has to go to the hospital once a week), so we were glad to have the opportunity to encourage her in person. Rabecca is living with her father for the time being, and she has been faithfully taking Shira to her appointments.

“When Shamira was born with clubfoot I sent photos to my husband, who was very worried. He asked, “Is it possible for her to walk?” I said, “According to the doctor, yes, it is possible for the baby to walk in time.” So I send photos to him, and he encourages me to take her to the hospital for treatment. Sometimes it is difficult because he can’t send money for transport and then I need to walk to the hospital [3.5 miles] for treatment.”

Shamira before and after casting:

“When the baby first started treatment, I had doubts because I didn’t notice the change, but now that she has the braces I see the difference. I was also worried that the braces would keep my baby’s feet from growing. When I was told she now only has to wear them at night, I was very happy. Now Shamira is standing and walking, and I am so happy that the baby has really changed and that healing is here. I will continue following the instructions, and God willing, I won’t miss an appointment. I’m also encouraged by your visit. Before the baby’s treatment, people would come to visit and laugh at her, so going to the hospital and having prayers was a consolation in my life.”

Chimwemwe interviews Rabecca in their home and provides counseling and prayers.

Rabecca puts on Shamira’s night and naptime braces.

We were so encouraged to see how our clubfoot babies are doing post-treatment! It’s wonderful to hear how God uses clubfoot clinic to heal babies and encourage their families in their faith. Please continue to pray for our clubfoot clinics across Malawi and the world.