Clubfoot free: Bertha

Bertha’s dad, Stephen, says, “When we learned about the clubfoot, we were very disappointed because she was our first child, and it was very shameful for us. We thought that maybe our baby wouldn’t walk and would be useless in society. But since she’s had healing treatment, we’ve seen improvement. Even from the first cast, we saw a difference, so we thank God, and that has made us start trusting the Lord.”

Chimwemwe encourages Stephen and Patricia.

Stephen helps Bertha put on her braces for a photo.

“Your visit has encouraged us to keep coming to CURE. We will eat vegetables instead of the fish that I sell so that we can make enough money for transport to the clinic so our baby will be well.”

Hopefully, they can eat more fish soon since Bertha’s follow-ups are now only every three to six months instead of every week!

We were so encouraged to see how our clubfoot babies are doing post-treatment! It’s wonderful to hear how God uses the clubfoot clinic to heal babies and encourage their families in their faith. Please continue to pray for our clubfoot clinics across Malawi and the rest of the world.