Theme for 2018: Value Addition

Spiritual Director Rev. Earnest Kioko explains the importance of celebrating spiritual birthdays and the need to issue certificates for the same.

During one of the morning devotion sessions, Rev. Ernest Kioko introduced a spiritual theme that would guide us throughout the year. Last year, we tackled the theme, “Be My Witnesses,” the guiding text from Acts 1:8. This theme enabled everyone at CURE Kenya to channel their energy to not only be Christians who go to church on Sunday and claim to have faith but to help them realize that they all have the potential to be God’s witnesses and help more people come to the light. The purpose of the theme was also to help everyone at CURE reflect the love of Jesus to every patient, supplier, service provider, and visitor who interacts with us.

George Njuru, a physiotherapist, receives his certificate.

This year’s theme is “Value Addition.” The text is derived from 1 Timothy 4:7b-8. Executive Director Mr. Abed Kilonzi, Medical Director Dr. Theuri, and Spiritual Anchoress for Africa Christine Kithome were called upon by Rev. Earnest to help with the unveiling of the theme.

“I think it’s a good theme. It’s been gradual growth in terms of what we have been looking at the last two years; last year’s theme being ‘Be My Witness.’” Abed observed.

January born agains had a special moment to cut cake together and share with the congregation.

Something cool about this year is that instead of celebrating normal birthdays, we will be celebrating our spiritual birthdays! The Spiritual Team conducted a short survey to find out which month everyone working at CURE was born again.  At the end of each month, we can celebrate them by issuing certificates and cutting cake. We celebrated the first spiritual birthdays during the unveiling of the theme. George Njuru, a physiotherapist at CURE and one of the first people to celebrate their spiritual birthdays, recalled what he learned that day.

“The reason for celebrating spiritual birthdays is that it helps you keep tabs with your progress as a Christian. One is able to gauge the progress he/she has made over a certain period of time. This is basically ‘Value Addition.’”

Congratulations to these ladies and gentleman for celebrating their first ever spiritual birthdays.

When you (self) are able to improve how you see things, do things, and interact with God, then you are able to add value to people (others) around you. Your co-workers, family members, and friends see and experience the value you add to them. From here on out, you are able to influence the larger community around you.

We had a moment to pray for the three and commit their year to God.

Throughout the year, we will be tackling various topics. We hope that in the long run, we will look back and say, “Indeed, we have added value personally and as an institution.”

1 Timothy 4:7b-8: “Train yourself to be Godly, for physical training is of value, but Godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the future to come.”

George, Mariam and Mary pose for a photo with Rev. Earnest Kioko, the Spiritual Director.

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