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The Power of Paying it Forward

The Power of Paying it Forward

Abi and his father Gezahegn come from north of the capital of Ethiopia. After continuing to seek help for Abi’s hurt hip, his father brought him to CURE. Since then, Abi has completed his treatment. We are so glad to see him thriving in the same community where he witnessed hardship.

Witnessing the healing that goes on at CURE Ethiopia, and being there first hand for his own son’s healing, it was easy for Gezahegn to refer people to CURE for medical treatment. After their initial appointment, Gezahegn came across Askale and her dad, Hailye.

“Kids used to tease her and ask her what she’s carrying on her back,” said Hailye, Askale’s father.

Carrying a burden so big, Askale couldn’t position herself upright. Askale needed surgical removal of a huge lumbar mass with lipoma. Around the age of seven, Askale’s mass began forming. She carried that mass for three years. With her back bent forward, Askale still attempted a normal life and continued her education. She is now in the fourth grade.

From left to right: Gezahegn, Abi, Askale, and Hailye.

“I would like to be a doctor, so that I can someday help others like myself,” she said.

Dr. Tim operated on Askale, and with one operation and she was healed! Askale would be able to walk, run, and be part of her community.

“I always bless CURE Ethiopia within my heart when I think about the treatment my daughter received. I am very grateful,” said Hailye.

“I used to dread going to school because they would tease me, but now I’m happy,” said Askale, as she recounted how her peers treated her.

Community, it has a power. It has an unspoken need to bring those who need healing together.

“When you become free of problems, difficult times, that’s when it’s your duty to help others,” said Hailye. “Because you know what it feels like to be in their position. That’s when you lend a hand.”

Hailye is also eager to help those in his community. One child at a time, these parents begin to pay it forward. They spread the love that has been shown to them to those in need. Going out in the field, visiting our patients in their own element, and seeing how they live is the best reward after witnessing a child’s difficult road to healing.

These first-hand accounts of how CUREkids reintegrate into their community and flourish is critical to fulfilling our organizational mission. Thank you for making that possible!

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