Spiritual Directors’ Conference unites CURE network

The Spiritual Directors’ conference was held from April 16th–19th at CURE Kenya. Convened by the Rev. Earnest Kioko, the intention of the meeting was to bring together all of the spiritual directors from across the CURE network so they might learn from each other. In simple terms, the conference provided a platform to exchange ideas and learn what works best where.

“As we stand on the shoulders of giants who have gone before us, the main objective was to strengthen the spiritual ministry in reference to her structures, processes, and outcomes as we asked questions around ‘why’, ‘what,’ and ‘how’ we do the spiritual ministry,” explained Rev. Earnest Kioko, Senior Director of Spiritual Ministry.

“For me, this was a time to meet with spiritual directors face to face, the majority of whom I had regularly met with during video calls. Again, it was a moment to share notes as far as spiritual ministry is concerned across the CURE network. Finally, it was a moment of sharing what needs to be added to the spiritual ministry, what needs to be reduced, what needs to be clarified, and what are some of the things we are doing right,” said Pastor Philip Maiyo, Spiritual Centre Manager at CURE Kenya.

Pastor Philip Maiyo presents.

The conference was also an opportunity for the spiritual directors to praise and worship God together. “I loved the moments we had at ENT (guesthouse) before we went to bed. We praised and worshiped God and shared experiences heart to heart as we presented our prayers and petitions to God,” said Victor Mose, Spiritual Director at CURE Kenya.

Victor Mose, the new spiritual director at Kenya, shares his experiences.

“The conference was a time to appreciate what the Lord has done over the past twenty years through the faithfulness of men and women that have gone before us. It was a time to also reflect on the current success stories and how best we can sustain, become more creative, and become more relevant in today’s world. It’s time to refocus so that we remain faithful to the unique call of CURE. Learning from across the network how ministry is done in different contexts proved unity in diversity as a network,” shared Jimmy Chimphinda, Spiritual Director at Malawi.

All of the spiritual directors benefited hearing from Brian and Earnest, who have a lot of experience in ministry. “The two, Brian and Earnest, shared their brilliant skills and experience, and they impacted us through their ministerial skills, showing us how to promote a fruitful ministry to the patients/their caregivers, staff, and the community within our reach,” Victor observed.

During this conference, some of those newer to CURE (like Wenzyl, who is the spiritual director in the Philippines) received revelations from God confirming that they are doing exactly what they had been called to do. Wenzyl said he felt encouraged and inspired to go on.

Dr. Roger Spoelman, CURE’s President and CEO, attended the conference.

Harold Haamumba, spiritual director at CURE Zambia, said, “It was a time of fellowship and refining our understanding of what it means to be ‘CURE.’”

“As the curtains came down on the last day, there was clarity, cohesion, and commitment that patient presentation (our primary customer) means a divine appointment to our staff and partners, and so ministry to them is core and an eternal investment that should always be intentional, integral, and impactful,” Rev. Earnest concluded.

Rev. Earnest during one of his presentations.

We at CURE are thankful that our spiritual directors had this time to grow in both their knowledge and love for Jesus. Like Harold, we hope they left the conference with a deeper and broader view of CURE. We hope this new perspective helps them as they minister to CURE as a whole!


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