News & Stories Tebow CURE co-workers donate to Davao Blood Center

Tebow CURE co-workers donate to Davao Blood Center

Tebow CURE co-workers donate to Davao Blood Center

Able to find free time in physical therapy, Chin makes the most of her time to donate.

Each year, Tebow CURE Hospital hosts an annual blood drive in partnership with the Davao Blood Center, which has been a reliable source for CURE patients in need of blood for surgeries.

The hospital’s conference room transforms into a blood center.

Weng from housekeeping gives some time from her day to participate.

Donors walk in the hospital’s conference room and are ready to take part in the blood drive. After a preliminary check-up, they qualify to participate as a donor. Medical Technologist Cheryl explains the donation process.

Cheryl, Tebow CURE’s Medical Technologist and event organizer, interviews Tata from housekeeping.

“We measure the weight and check the vital signs. Then, there’s a form that needs to be filled out for the interview. After that, there’s a hemoglobin test. When approved by the doctor, they can proceed with the donation.”

Sterile Technician Joshua gathers Nurse Shayne’s vital signs. Elaine from Housekeeping serves as Shayne’s cheerleader.

Patients at Tebow CURE are usually responsible for looking for a blood supply, but when there is a lack of donors, we know that there is an available resource for someone in need through Davao Blood Center. In addition to donors who have given blood in the past, the majority of the participants are CURE employees who continue to go out of their way to serve kids with disabilities locally. After donating, food and drinks are available before they return to work.

The crew from Davao Blood Center carries a huge smile as they welcome donors at the event.

Rice porridge and banana is served at the end of the process. Melvin who works as IT systems support and Nurse Jaime are enjoying their share.

“Some patients who have used blood from the center’s supply may replace it, but they don’t need to go to the blood center. They can just come here during the scheduled blood drive and donate,” adds Cheryl.

We are thankful for partners like the Davao Blood Center which help us give quality care.

During the blood drive, Davao Blood Center added 32 bags to their blood supply, which is accessible to patients who are in need. We appreciate all of Tebow CURE’s partners who help us provide quality medical care to children with disabilities!

Not a lot of people are excited to get poked with needles like Nurse Ralp.