CURE Zambia celebrates new training centre

CURE Zambia opened a new training centre on its hospital premises recently! The 350-square meter training centre will expand the educational initiatives taking place at the hospital including more nurse and nurse’s assistant training, CPR certification, as well as ongoing education for doctors and other medical staff. With two classrooms, a conference room, and several offices, the training centre will be instrumental in preparing the next generation of Zambian medical professionals at CURE.

The event was characterized by lots of entertainment, which was provided by a cultural dancing crew. Their infectious dance moves left the audience demanding more, and the band spiced it up with a variety of music pieces. Multiple dignitaries attended the opening, including, but not limited to, several featured speakers.

A tour of one of the training facilities housed in the training centre.

Mr. Steve Hitt, Executive Director of CURE Zambia, took advantage of the event to express gratitude to everyone who was involved in the project from inception until completion.

“I would also like to thank: the hospital staff including the former Executive Director Tim Ebbers and Vice President Peter Kyalo; Andrew Betteridge, our Owners Representative and Project Engineer, who envisioned and worked to plan and oversee building the Training Centre; and for my staff help in coordinating and planning today’s celebration as an expression of our gratitude to the donors: CBM, The Beit Trust, and HOPE587 for their generous support and partnership in this ministry of health and compassion we share and serve together,” Steve said.

Steve Hitt, Executive Director of CURE Zambia, gives the opening speech.

Meanwhile, Steve noted how continuous health training is of paramount importance, not only for the provision of safe and effective patient care, but also for the physicians to provide reliable health services including surgical and medical care for the patients in the operating theatre, the children’s ward, and the adult ward.

Furthermore, he emphasized proclaiming the gospel of Christ to a hurting world through improving the well being of people as a top goal. So, it is vital, Steve said, that we nurture their ability to learn and remain current in the rapidly changing field of medicine, nursing, and allied health services. He also said that having this new Training Centre at CURE Zambia would help ensure the capabilities of the institution to not only maintain a vital work force, but also ensure that the hospital has strong assets and that its training mission continues to be strong for the patients.

A ribbon cutting marks the official opening.

The guest of honor, Professor Sekelani S. Banda, Director of Human Resource Planning and Development for the Zambian Ministry of Health, commended CURE Zambia for the amazing works it is doing in transforming the lives of many. CURE has partnered with institutions such as the University Teaching Hospital to assist medical students in acquiring practical exposure. Sekelani described the partnership between CURE Zambia and the government as a “perfect” one.

Professor Sekelani S. Banda, Director of Human Resource Planning and Development for the Zambian Ministry of Health, delivers a speech on behalf of the government.

Banda said CURE specializes in areas that are under served. Therefore, it has brought attention to under-recognized and under-represented conditions. He mentioned that the government was pleased that CURE has leveraged international expertise and networks to bring services, which are making a difference in people’s lives in Zambia.

Furthermore, the government is particularly delighted at the opening of the Training Centre because CURE is training up future medical professionals locally.

Presenting of flowers to the the guest of honor.

“The values, the modest operators, the network, and the focus on patients are something that resonates with Zambian government’s National Health Strategic Plan. The government recognizes the fact that CURE is a Christian organization and Zambia is a Christian nation, as such in that sense, values are properly aligned,” Banda said.

Mr. Sergio Mainetti, Country Director, represented CBM Zambia. In his speech, he said that CBM has been supporting different projects. It relies on local partners such as CURE Zambia to implement these projects. He stated that CBM places great hope in the training centre for it will help in the training of medical practitioners.

Dignitaries touring the new training facility at CURE Zambia.

“We are looking forward [to see how] the training centre has been utilized to its best, and, over the years, contributes to the ever increasing professionalism of health personnel,” said Mr Sergio Mainetti.

Judith Obison, Executive Director of Arbourcare Health Services, thanked the CURE Zambia senior management team. Arbourcare is the main educational service using the centre. Obison said she was extremely thankful for the opportunity. She also thanked the Vice President of Operations, Peter Kyalo, for initiating other partners and members in the program. She concluded by applauding the management of CURE Zambia for ensuring completion of the project.

Mr. Brian Van Hall, Chief Operating Officer, CURE International, gives his speech during the ceremony.

Brian Van Hall, Chief Operating Officer of CURE International, USA, thanked the partners and hospital workers that show up for work and selflessly serve the patients. On behalf of CURE International, he thanked everyone who participated in the project from concept, to design, right up to execution and completion.

“This is the demonstration that CURE is committed to the future, and there will be a continuation in the expansion of other facilities to improve the access to care, quality service, and patient experience,” Brian said.

Vice President of Operations Peter Kyalo gave a background on CURE Zambia and how it was founded. He also said that those who founded the hospital would be amazed to see how it has been transformed.

The Vice President Operations, CURE International, Mr. Peter Kyalo, gives a background of CURE Zambia.

Hope587 sent in a speech, which was read by Dr. Giorgio Lastroni, the Medical Director of CURE Zambia. The organization wished CURE Zambia the best in opportunities that will come with the new building. They also shared a moment when they committed to fund the project and they had a period of the concern, but God, who is faithful, sent a Bible verse as they begun to pray.

“And here is my judgment about what is best for you in this matter. Last year you were the first not only to give, but also to have the desire to do so.” 2 Corinthians 8:10.

“This Bible verse has followed us through this journey and it’s wonderful that today, the 22nd of February, we celebrate the opening new centre,” read the speech.

The training centre construction was made possible by generous contributions from CBM (Germany), The Beit Trust (UK), and Hope587 (Sweden).

Part of the audience comprised of distinguished dignitaries and members of staff.

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