Nurse Jhun: Healing clubfoot is priceless

Being clubfoot free is worth celebrating!

“At first, I didn’t want to be in clinic. I only started because I… wanted to do something different and help out. Then, Dr. Tim told Dr. Jun that we needed to train more people in casting, and since I was already here, I was the one chosen. At first, it was just cast removal, but it progressed from there. Now, I really like it.” – Nurse Jhun

Jhun has become a vital part of our mobile clinics, casting anywhere it’s needed!

“Really like it” might be an understatement. Nurse Jhun is affectionately referred to as “Master Caster” by his co-workers. He has been yelled at, kicked at, and he has had toddlers cry at the mere sight of him during their follow up appointments. Despite all of this, Nurse Jhun has become more than a little obsessed with healing kids who have clubfoot. He believes in “service with a smile,” and in the end, he is rewarded with smiles and thanks from our patients, or at least, from their grateful parents. He recently started a Facebook page to teach local Filipinos that clubfoot is treatable; complete with before and after pictures of successful cases. He has also started training other staff members in casting methods. In addition, he attended a conference in New Delhi, India with Dr. Jun where the pair had the opportunity to refine their techniques. Nurse Jhun shared with us about his experience and how it encouraged him in his work.

Sofia used to cry when she saw Jhun at her follow up appointments, but she always gave him a high five, a kiss on the cheek, and a sweet “thank you” when she was finished.

“I traveled to India last November for the first Global Clubfoot Conference and it was great… It was a two-day conference: a day to visit a clubfoot clinic and a brace shop. CURE has really done a great job in setting up clinics and brace shops in India. New Delhi, in particular, is not one of those places that you want to get pinned, but my experience in India was one that I am thankful for. I realized how lucky I am to be part of this organization and to live in a beautiful place like Davao.”

The Global Clubfoot Conference in New Delhi gathered many doctors and nurses wanting to sharpen their clubfoot treatment techniques.

“During the conference, many things were discussed… I’ve learned how to properly treat those rigid and stubborn feet the right way. India has the highest clubfoot cases around the globe and seeing CURE running a clinic with that volume of patients left me speechless. I was shocked at how high the incidence of clubfoot is.”

Jhun teaches Nurse Chris how to recast at clinic.

“Helping these kids walk normal is amazing. It feels like when you first saw your baby born. Those smiles from their parent are priceless. Seeing their baby walk with feet flat on the ground is magical. Being a cast technician and doing Ponseti casting is a gift that I want share with everyone who is willing to learn it. I want to become the best for those kids who need it and that is why I want to learn further to master the art of Ponseti. That conference helped me a lot. Thanks to Tebow CURE Hospital and CURE International for the experience.”

Nurse Tzaddi (middle) has also been casting for several months, and has been anxious to jump in and learn as much as he can from the “Master Caster” Nurse Jhun!