Aisha’s story: Planning for the future

Aisha is a bright and beautiful 13-year-old girl. She lives with her mom Eliza, her aunt, and two siblings. Her mom and dad separated when she was younger and her father often visits to see how she is doing. Aisha also had a chronic bone infection in her leg. Due to that injury, Eliza hired a motorbike, locally known as Kabaza, to take Aisha to and from school every day. When CURE’s Spiritual Team visited Aisha’s house in Malawi to follow up with her, she arrived on a motorbike after school looking energetic and happy!

“Things have changed so much after my operation at CURE! I am able to go to school, associate with my friends, and I am able to help my mother with some chores around the house,” Aisha said.

Aisha had a chronic bone infection in her left leg, which led to a deformity that needed to be corrected with surgery and a frame.

Aisha also explained that her faith had grown so much. After her encounter at the hospital, she starting reading her Bible everyday and also found more time to pray with friends in her community.

Her mother Eliza also encourages her not to give up on what she believes. She said that she is glad that Aisha’s condition has not affected her psychologically.

“There was a time when people in this community used to say bad things to discourage my daughter, but I told her to ignore them. She is a lovely and very humble child and I know that there are more things that God has planned for her to achieve in life,” said Eliza.

Aisha said she is studying hard so that one day she can become an orthopedic surgeon and help other children who have bone conditions like hers. She was inspired by Dr. Linda Chokotho, a female orthopedic surgeon at CURE Malawi and one of the few female orthopedic surgeons in the entire country.

“Please be praying for me to heal quickly and that I will have knowledge in class in order to achieve my plans,” said Aisha.

As for Eliza, she is so appreciative of what CURE has done in the life of her daughter. She assured us that she will be spreading the good word about CURE. She prays the love that is in her family would continue and that she would also prosper in her farming business in order to fully support her daughter.