Pastor training builds a bridge at CURE Niger

The pastors meet Aminatou who just finished with her cleft lip surgery. 

At CURE Niger, we have a dream where we’re not needed anymore. We dream of a world where all the cases of clubfoot have been treated, all the bow legs and knock knees have been straightened, all the burn contractures released, and all the cleft lips healed. Not only here in Niger, but also in all of West Africa as patients come to our hospital from all over.

A pastor listens as a CURE Niger staffer shares their experiences.

Realistically though, this dream isn’t likely as many of the conditions we treat are congenital, but that’s not going to stop us from trying! The newest tool in our arsenal for achieving this goal of healing is a network of local pastors. These pastors are ingrained in their communities, many we have never even heard of, but these pastors intimately know the needs that are present in their community. In order to grow this network, we recently hosted a conference where we invited pastors from all around the country to come and learn more about CURE and how we can all partner together for the glory of God.

The conference took place in the CURE Niger chapel over two days.

The pastors interacted with CURE staff and learned about both the spiritual and medical healing that we strive for at the hospital. They intently listened to our spiritual staff outline, and the theology of disability that plays a large role in how we go about what we do. They took notes as our Medical Director walked them through what physical conditions we are able to treat and how to correctly identify such conditions.

A pastors listens during one of the presentations.

The event was two full days of teaching and participating in the spiritual ministry happening on our campus. A full two days that will, Lord willing, bear fruit in the coming years with eternal benefits. Emanuel Mayaki, a CURE Spiritual Team member, points out that when a pastor connects a suffering child to healing at CURE Niger, the reputation of the local church grows in the eyes of that community.

“The church becomes known as a bridge to healing. It gives the church respect and helps the pastor to evangelize his community.”

Salamatou, a CURE Niger Spiritual team staffer, laughs at a joke made by the presenter.

This is no small feat. Overall, the conference was considered a success by all parties involved. The CURE Niger Spiritual team is excited to have partners to not only to help identify patients, but also partners that can connect patients to churches and resources for spiritual growth once they leave our hospital. On the other end, the pastors are excited to have support and faith-based connections in a country where ministry can be very isolating.

Together, we are working to heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom in Niger and all of West Africa!

The pastors joined in the morning prayer rounds and prayed for Gloria as she got out of her surgery.

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