Tebow CURE creates “winter wonderland” on a dime

Dr. Tim and his 4th Floor elves!

In November, Spiritual Director Pastor Wenzyl proposed a fun idea to make the hospital a little more festive for the Christmas season.

“Let’s have a decorating contest! Each floor will work together using these guidelines: the displays need to use indigenous materials, be creative, and be economical.”

It was supposed to be simple. A few spray painted twigs here and a couple of recycled paper towel rolls there. It started small, but escalated quickly. We asked several employees if there is a word in Filipino that means “mediocre.” After much discussion, just one word surfaced, “bala.” But, upon further discussion, it was revealed that “bala” can also mean “lame.” No one wanted to be lame. So, a decorating frenzy ensued that would make Clark Griswold envious.

As Medical Records Clerk Liezel summed it up with a laugh, “Everyone is so competitive here!” The local news even featured the hospital’s use of recycled materials. It’s been anything but lame!

Patients are welcomed to the hospital with a whole lot of color!

The (so far secret) judges will reveal their decision soon, but everyone definitely gets an “A+ for effort.” Although “cooperation” wasn’t an official category, all the groups bonded while working on their displays. We know that coming to the hospital during the holidays isn’t anyone’s first choice, but our patients have enjoyed coming to our “Winter Wonderland” in the middle of the tropics.

Christopher’s office was a pit stop for a slightly confused reindeer!

Pharmacist Melba incorporated a little touch of Christmas in the pharmacy.

Nurses Meja, Rejoice, and Jobelle await the arrival of patients in the bedazzled ward.

The snowmen props have been fun for all the kids, young and old!

Head Nurse Delia uses Nurse Jhun’s height to help decorate the ward area.

Dr. Tim and his fourth floor elves!

Juvy’s desk in the private ward is surrounded by Christmas spirit!

Even the X-ray room managed to embrace the holiday spirit!

Cherylle decks the halls outside the lab.

Jesselle, Liezel, Joy, and Sybeth warm up by the fire waiting to open their presents!

George and Lyra are waiting for their “Merry Mail” to arrive.

The Spiritual Ministry team shows off their nativity scene, which is constructed from recycled materials and a few borrowed animals from the playroom!