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CPR Training at CURE Niger

CPR Training at CURE Niger

CURE Niger was recently blessed with a visit from Maureen, or Mama Maureen as she is known by the kids there. Maureen is CURE’s Nurse Consultant, and she regularly travels across our network of hospitals, ensuring our nursing staff is providing the best quality care possible!

On top of what she normally does, Maureen taught multiple sessions of a CPR class. We had a wide range of staff members attend from all areas of our hospital including nurses, operating room staff, and administration.

The class attendees were trained on how to recognize the need for CPR as well as the most up-to date methods. Each class contained both an instructional and a practical component. Students practiced on the CPR mannequins that Maureen managed to pack and bring with her to each hospital.

After the classes were over, and in true Nigerien style, we held a hospital-wide graduation ceremony for our graduates. Each person was awarded a laminated certificate and many of them now adorn office walls across our hospital.

We hope the need to use our new skills never arises, but if it does, we are ready!