News & Stories Donia: Thankful for God’s Goodness

Donia: Thankful for God’s Goodness

Donia: Thankful for God’s Goodness

“What will God do to my legs so I can be like the other kids?”

Seven-year-old Donia’s questions started one day when other kids imitated the way she walked. She cried and asked her mom Susan, “The kids bullied me about my legs. What should I do with it?”

Susan answered, “I don’t really know because you were born with it.” It hurts Susan to hear Donia worry, so she suggested another way.

“I told Donia to just pray and see how God will answer our prayers. Out of my eight kids, Donia is the only one who has a disability. When she walks long distance, she gets tired easily and is only able to carry lightweight things. She goes to school and her siblings help her while they carry her backpack.”

Donia has rickets, a disease which softens her growth plates and causes knock knees and deformed legs. What stands out most about Donia, though, is her friendly and joyful personality!

She says, “I’m in second grade and I like going to school. Teacher Joy is one of my favorite teachers because she is kind and sweet to the other kids.”

Susan told us, “Living off of $3 a day to have enough to eat and provide rice for my family…  We didn’t know how we could solve this until people at my church helped us by sending us to Tebow CURE.”

We’re thankful to partner with local ministries that help kids like Donia get to our hospitals. We can now be a part of her healing as we provide for her medical needs and minister to her family holistically through God’s word.

Donia will most likely need several procedures, but Susan is excited to see what the results are going to be.

Susan says, “I want to thank God for His goodness. I am very happy that Donia is having surgery.”

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