Bertha’s smile: I just wanna sing

“There is a God and He is good,” proclaims Anna, Bertha’s grandmother, as she lifts her hands in praise to God.

“I have so much joy, I can’t express how I feel right now! My grandchild Bertha has cleft lip. She used to come to me crying, oftentimes after playing with her friends because they would laugh at her and make fun of her. She would say things like, ‘Why did God make me this way? Why don’t my friends have lips like mine?’ These were hard questions to give answers to, especially for a six year old girl, but I’d always take her home with me, so I can comfort and make her feel better. What I’d say to her often was, ‘Someday, it’ll all be okay.’”

Anna continues her story.

“I came to CURE last year and missed the doctors by just a day. My heart was broken for my grandchild, but I didn’t lose hope. I had to keep hoping for and with her.”

“Many people say to see a witch doctor that could tell us the cause of my granddaughter’s condition. I always say, ‘No.’ I’m an elderly women, and for as long as I have lived, I’ve never involved myself with things like witchcraft and the like,” says Anna. “I just trusted that God would make a way.”

“We came back to CURE this year, and again, we missed the surgery week, but by some divine intervention, we are able to have surgery again this week with a different team.”

Bertha before, after

She continues, “Today is the day my granddaughter’s life changed forever. Sitting there as they brought her back from theater, I was about to cry. I could not believe that girl they just wheeled in is my granddaughter. I cannot put in words what I felt in that moment. I’m shocked; I’m in awe; I am amazed; I just wanna sing! I can’t stop looking at my grandbaby; I just wanna sing! I just wanna sing! Oh this God, He is good!”

“If I was close to home, I would have brought village chickens for everyone in this hospital to eat. In our culture, a village chicken is a gift you give to your most cherished visitors or friends. It’s a sign of honor.”

Some of the words Anna sings are, “In Him I will stay. In Him I will remain and I will remain in Him forever.”