News & Stories Aisha’s testimony: Continuing in Christ

Aisha’s testimony: Continuing in Christ

Aisha’s testimony: Continuing in Christ

“When I came to this hospital, I was not a Christian, but I have now converted to Christianity. I feel different. I feel like a load has been taken off my head. My stay at this hospital [CURE Uganda] is like I have found new parents. I had never been cared for like this ever since I lost my parents.”

When Aisha was in primary seven, her aunt—who was sponsoring Aisha and her two sibling’s education—ran out of money. So, Aisha opted to quit school and let her siblings continue their studies. Aisha currently lives with her two siblings and her baby daughter Faridah. For close to two years, she also lived with her boyfriend, Faridah’s father. However, he left her after he learned that she was pregnant.


Aisha holds her baby daughter Faridah.

When Aisha’s daughter Faridah was born, she was a healthy baby. However, two months after birth, Faridah’s head started to rapidly increase in size, so she was rushed to an area hospital. Aisha learned that her daughter had hydrocephalus, or water on the brain. It was a condition that she had never heard of before, and she was scared and devastated by the news. She didn’t have the money to travel to CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda, but a local non-government organization in her town provided her with some money to enable Aisha and Faridah to travel. Aisha traveled with James, her younger brother. However, upon their arrival, James fell ill. He was treated at CURE.

“We have been counseling her. We noticed she was depressed, so we counseled and prayed with her, and since we started with the counseling, we have noticed that she is lively and vibrant. She has zeal for Christ,” said Annet, from CURE’s Spiritual Department.


Aisha’s younger brother plays in the Spiritual Center.

Back at home, Aisha is a farmer. She takes care of her daughter and siblings through the little money that she earns from selling crops. Her relatives are not supportive, but she has hope that she will be fine. Aisha said that motherhood has made her a more responsible person, and she is proud of her baby Faridah. She believes that Faridah is receiving the best medical care at CURE.

“The Bible stories that I have learned, like the one of Abraham and Sarah getting a child at their old age, have encouraged me so much,” said Aisha. “I will continue in Christ.”