The Week in Photos: Play brings joy

A collection of photos from CURE locations around the world.

CURE Uganda

Photos by Christopher Mullen

Scrub tech Alex and Dr. Peter operate on Esther who came in to the hospital with a malfunctioning shunt. They took out the bad shunt and replaced it with a new one.

CURE Zambia

Photos by Mubita Simataa

There’s nothing sweeter than a lollipop in the mouth, in a room full of toys!

Executive Director Steve Hitt receives a donation of a blood bank refrigerator from SMEC Country Manager Mr. Manengu Musambo.

“Oh, my goodness. There are so many things I love about my job! I guess the biggest joy for me is when I see our coworkers and community partners really catch and embrace our vision for holistic healing as their own. One mum in Rwanda recently stood up in front of a whole waiting area of parents and said she was so thankful to us for not only taking care of her child physically, but for taking care of the family spiritually and emotionally. Looking at her face filled with so much hope and joy—and the way that family were being cared for in that clubfoot clinic—I actually got so emotional, I cried!” – Linda Hansen

CURE Dominican Republic

Photos by Yovanni Medrano

Someone is getting crazy excited for the removal of his cast! He can’t wait to to use his new soccer ball that his friends from Trimedx gave him!

This past week we had the privilege of hosting a volunteer group from a summer camp of one of our local donors: Mejia Arcala. They played and helped us with our clubfoot clinic and shared a delicious snack with the kids and parents!

When our machines go down, it is hard get a technician in the country with the expertise to fix the real problems. However, these guys from Trimedx (Trent and Jose from right to left) were rocking it all week with the help of Adam.

Thanks to our local donor, Mejia Arcala, for giving milk to our kids. They really enjoyed this present!

CURE Ethiopia

Photos by Mieraf Gebresellasie

Best pals Tariku and Tadesse were outside exchanging jokes and
enjoying a break of sunshine!

Leyela was in clinic for follow-up. She was happy to hear about her progress thus far, but anxious about going into surgery again this month for a rod exchange!

Tadesse was giving us all kinds of faces and we just had to share!

CURE Kenya

Photos by Nelson Muoki

Jerad was around the hospital for a cleft lip repair surgery; the only time we saw him resting was after the surgery. His energy and joy amazed us!

Last week, our babies in the ward got a special visitor: Miss Universe Kenya! She put a smile on so many of our babies.

The ward bed was enough space for this mother to keep her child entertained.

A mother holds a baby and admires the repaired cleft lip.

Dr. Njoroge, from Smile Train, takes some time to bond with Mitchell and her mother before she hands her a gift, a balloon.

CURE Malawi

Photos by Avanell Brock

We love it when Faith gives us an actual genuine smile!

Sometimes you just need a little help. (One of the nurses helps Christopher with his shoes.)

Mr. Chiwaya is the hospital comedian!

Elisabeth, in the red dress, is a team member at CURE Malawi. She had her bridal shower on Sunday! They did perikani-perikani (giving), a cultural tradition where well-wishers throw small bills worth a couple cents at the future bride!

CURE Niger

Photos by Joel Witwer

Souraya has the uncanny capability to fall asleep anywhere.

This chubby-cheeked visitor stopped by one of our clinics, and then joined us in the playground for a little bit!

It’s common to dress up for religious holidays at CURE Niger. Due to her burned legs, Hadiza was never able to take part. This is the first year she’s been able to wear a nice dress for the holiday, and she made sure she went and showed off to everyone in the hospital!

Medical Director Dr. Negrini attaches an external fixator onto a particularly bad clubfoot case.

It’s hard to believe that Salifou is the same man that showed up at our door several years ago with such bad bow legs!

CURE Philippines

Photos by Marlene Bray

Dr. Burgess is visiting Tebow CURE for a few months and wasted no time getting into the operating room. We’re thankful for visitors who come excited to serve!

Alex lightheartedly teases Devine, “Did your feet forget what to do?!” The two shared a laugh as Devine tried to walk for the first time after being in casts for 10 weeks. After a few minutes, it all came back to her!

D-Boy is working on a brand new skill, tying his shoes! After having clubfeet all his life, and never wearing shoes until recently, there are a lot of new things to learn!

Photos by Hope Kim Doit

Loraine and Nurse Ella really hit it off at the hospital! They even shared hand kisses with each other.

All we wanted to do is document a photo of Kyle’s new pair of boots, but Kyle had other plans!

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