News & Stories Unveiling the new Outpatient Department at CURE Uganda

Unveiling the new Outpatient Department at CURE Uganda

Unveiling the new Outpatient Department at CURE Uganda

Thanks to the gracious grant support from the Clemens Family Corporation, ​the newly expanded Outpatient Department (OPD) at CURE Hospital Uganda is fully operational.

“The new OPD is now double in size and provides us with enough space for our work and for our patient records. We are no longer crowded as we used to be. These days we have privacy when we are counseling our patients because everyone has their own office. All I do is shut my door and have ample time with our clients. Mondays and Tuesdays are particularly busy clinic days, but with the larger waiting area, the patients are able to comfortably wait,” said Isaac, one of our social workers at CURE Uganda. “There is also a large TV and DVD player which helps keep our clients entertained as they wait for our services.”

Isaac Emurang in his new office.

​Moses Nyote, the Patient Accounts Officer says, “These days, there is less confusion in OPD and everyone is happy. Previously, we had only two offices which were shared between five social workers, so the patient flow was slow because each patient’s family meets with a social worker upon arrival.

He adds, “There is no reason why we shouldn’t perform to the best of our ability because we have proper office space, new computers, desks and very comfortable chairs!”

Moses at his new work station.

​Barbra, the OPD receptionist is excited about the new OPD and adds, “The older children we receive now have additional space to play in the waiting area and that always makes me smile.”

Dr. Michael Ogwal is very impressed with his new patient exam room. The walls are decorated with different colors, which makes his patients very happy. All the exam rooms are also fitted with storage cabinets in which items like stethoscopes, examination materials, laptops, and other items can be properly stored. Each exam room now has proper sinks as well to enhance hygiene.

Patient Exam Room

The new OPD has a fully organized, self-contained records room.

Martha, an administrative assistant who is in charge of records.

Martha says that previously she would struggle looking for files, tracking, and controlling them, but the new records room and database system has made her work easier.

The front Patient Exam Room also functions as a resuscitation/triage room where patients can be quickly examined and stabilized before they are transferred to ICU.

Patient Exam Room / Resuscitation Room at OPD

​Kenneth Ikungo works at the new accounts office , which now also has a service window.

We thank God for this wonderful new Outpatient facility. It will greatly enhance our ability to effectively serve our vulnerable patients.