The Week in Photos: Sharing life and laughter

A collection of photos from CURE locations around the world.

CURE Philippines

Photos by Marlene Bray

Blesario never runs out of high fives, nor out of radiant smiles!

Ella can’t contain her excitement when she finds out that Jhon is making her a gourmet meal, complete with “‘trawberry ice ‘tream”!

Joanna looks to Grandma Malou for encouragement in physical therapy, since she always seems to know just what to say!

Joanna was a little drowsy after surgery, but she was thrilled to see mom May as she woke up.

Screenings in the middle of a shopping mall? Why not! Dr. Ruggles and Dr. Jun screen potential patients at a local event in celebration of National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week.

Photos by Hope Kim Doit

We met JhonRey during mobile clinic and he couldn’t believe how straight his foot had become since his time at the hospital. One more round of casting and he’s almost done!

Ian not only got a manly handshake during his visit, but he also took home some wise advice from Dr. Jun to stay in school and be a testament of God’s healing to his friends.

Stuffed animal “Boots,” along with monkey sounds in the background distracted Gilbert from his first casting process.

Showing not much effort at all, Joanna flashes a smile for CUREkids Coordinator Marlene, so we can pray for her healing!

CURE Uganda

Photos by Christopher Mullen

Abdul walks with his mother Zura. They came back to CURE for a check up. A month prior, he was in the ICU after falling into a pit.

Dalton sits on his bed and smiles for a photo.

Linet holds her son Brian as they sit on their bed.

Winnie prays for Prossy and her daughter Leila. Prossy gave her life to Christ while at CURE.

Photos by Edwin Ongom

Pastor Justine ministers to a mother after her visit to the doctors from CURE Hospital at a town clinic.

Pastor Tom prays for Peace and her mother Helen before Peace was reviewed by a doctor at a recent mobile clinic.

CURE Zambia

Photos by Abby Tumelo

Gift raises a fistbump. He loves to give those!

Margaret looks lovingly at her son.

Tresford’s second love is the playroom. He likes to do all kinds of things in there.

Else has settled into the Beit Cure Hospital environment and is really enjoying working in the playroom.

Tresford gives one of his rare smiles.

CURE Ethiopia

Photos by Bethlehem Teshome

Little Alganesh was lost in her thoughts!

Emana and Cherenet are staying in a house called Alemachin. Today, they came in for their checkup!

Jenetia loves the wheelchair so much! She always asks the other children in the ward to put them in a wheelchair, and it was Gadissa’s turn!

Tariku started building a house, but finally the house ended up being a big hat!

Abdulahi, Feresenbet, and Muktar were going home and they all wanted a picture together!

CURE Kenya

Photos by Naphtali Foster

Iggy came for review and shared some more jokes with us!

CUREkids Manager, Debbie, was visiting Kenya and spent some time behind a camera, sort of like us CUREkids Coordinators!

Nelson, one of our CUREkids Coordinators, and David, one of our CUREkids, share Nelson’s camera.

Photos by Elvis Lemaiyan

Because it’s boring to sit on the bed the whole time.

Light up the world with your smile.

We must say, Olivia spent so much time with Ryan and they had so much fun together. See Ryan trying to wear Olivia’s glasses. So, so cute!!

Olivia and Ryan are looking so cute together in the ward.


Photos by Nelson Muoki

Elvis, one of our CUREkids coordinators, helps David on his feet as he teaches him a balloon game.

Greg, CURE’s Chief Medical Officer, shares a sermon at Wednesday morning devotion at CURE Kenya.

This young man was very cool and composed during his physiotherapy session.

Purity had a whole day of waiting for her surgery. She did so blowing bubbles to the air for most of it.

CURE Malawi

Photos by Avanell Brock

This little clubfoot guy was scooting around clinic on Thursday!

Dr. Karolina and Dr. Lubega work to release Stella’s burn contractures!

Mary gets her hair wrapped up in a turban, called a duku in Chichewa!

Praise was chasing us around the hospital, hitting us with a balloon!

Physiotherapist Katie is going home after working here for over half a year. We prayed for her before she left!

Long Service Awards were given out last Friday at our yearly staff meeting! We’re so thankful for all of our staff who have devoted so much time and hard work to making sure CURE Malawi runs smoothly!

Mary is here to get ponseti treatment and we’re already in love with her!

CURE Niger

Photos by Joel Witwer

Youmali came to us with clubfeet about eight months ago, and we are now happy to announce mission accomplished! It’s been a long, but incredible journey with this young man!

Blue eyes are very rare for Nigerien children!

The healing process isn’t all smiles and fun. Unfortunately, there’s a good amount of discomfort and crying that comes with it.

Gambo rests after his burn contracture surgery.

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