The Week in Photos: Beautiful faces

A collection of photos from CURE locations around the world.

CURE Malawi

Photos by Avanell Brock

Neymar and Chisomo both have burn contractures and are both headed home!

Faith likes to stick out her tongue and say, “Bleh!” to CKC Avanell!

Faith’s habit of sticking out her tongue is apparently rubbing off on Elenata. Now, she’s doing it too!

Trinity is pretending to be shy.

Lufina loves having her photo taken!

CURE Niger

Photos by Joel Witwer

With several surgeries already under his belt, Hamza has no fear of the ward left in him!

Now that Ahmed no longer needs his crutches, he’s motoring around the hospital, visiting anyone who will let him!

Souraya has been with us, on and off, for the better half of a year now, but she doesn’t let it keep her from smiling!

One of our favourite moments of every day is when Naima’s little smile cracks into her fantastic laugh.

Nafiou is always one of the first ones to the dressing change station in the morning. We like to think it’s because he likes the natural morning light almost as much as we do.

CURE Philippines

Photos by Marlene Bray

That look you get when you interrupt Dustin’s Lego time…

It’s a messy job, but we don’t mind! Nurse Jhun recasts Khazer’s tiny, wiggly foot, one step closer to being clubfoot free.

Herlen was totally unfazed by having her cast removed, and focused on sharing the whole experience on her social media accounts!

We had to refrain from calling him “Chester the Chipmunk!” Chester kept making poofy cheeks for us to “pop” as he recovered from surgery.

What better way to spend your 7th birthday than in physical therapy?! That’s right, Bryll had surgery the day before, and spent his special day learning how to use crutches!

Photos by Hope Kim Doit

We asked Anna to make us breakfast and she turned it into a feast!

Who would’ve thought that the hospital’s rooftop has a nice view? Thus, Program Coordinator Josiah took the photo opportunity to celebrate America’s Independence holiday!

Thankful for human hands that became instruments to put a broken leg together.

CURE Uganda

Photos by Christopher Mullen

Pastor Simon Peter and Pastor Winnie share the gospel in the OPD waiting area.

Katie, watches as Megan, and Anna place their fingerprints on a canvas making a tree.

Ivan stands for a portrait.

Doctors perform a craniotomy and encephalocele.

Nadeen is held by her mother Phiona in the ICU.

Mariam bows her head as Immaculate, Anna, and Emily pray for her and her child Lauren.

CURE Zambia

Photos by Abby Tumelo

Eric is the hospital spaceman.

Na and Esaki give a thumbs up for the lovely morning!

Temwani is feeling great!

Danny gives a toothless grin that we love!

CURE Domincana

Photos by Yovanni Medrano

We went on a home visit with Chloe, to introduce her to one of our little girls Lisandra. Both of them shared their stories and what God has been doing in their lives. Now, Lisandra’s family will follow Chloe on her movement Stand Beautiful and what better way to do it than with a group picture with all the ladies.

Chloe had the opportunity to speak and share at our clubfoot program at a public hospital. The day was full of hope and big smiles.

Smile and, of course, Stand Beautiful, because God created you unique.

We had the privilege to hear this beautiful young lady, Chloe, share some refreshing words.

Someone looks really comfortable.

CURE Ethiopia

Photos by Mieraf Gebresellasie

Dr. Mesfin, Dr. Efrem (Head of Orthopedics at Hawassa Univerity Referral Hospital), Dr. Teddy, and Dr. Leul took a moment to capture a memorable photo! Dr. Efrem did a portion of his residency with us at CURE Ethiopia before taking his position in Hawassa!

No one could get enough of this cutie pie! Especially Tigist, we think she’s made a new friend!

Dr. Mesfin took a few minutes to examine our guest of the hour on our last afternoon!

Dr. Mesfin and Dr. Leul were examining and comparing notes on a patient who came to clinic!

Ashibir and the local Physiotherapist at the Hawassa Univeristy Referral Clinic were casting a young patient together at our mobile clinic.

CURE Kenya

Photos by Naphtali Foster

Chloe Howard and her mama, Lori, visited CURE Kenya as part of her Stand Beautiful Tour. Chloe was born with severe clubfoot and had to undergo many surgeries. Chloe and her mama bring hope through their words, reminding our kiddos that they are beautiful and that there is hope. They got to share this message with our clubfoot clinic.

Chloe enjoys a moment with a baby at our clubfoot clinic. From what we understood, this baby was hanging out at CURE and his twin was here for treatment.

Elvis has been treated for clubfoot at our partner clinic, and we got to visit him at his house!

Scott, who helps run CURE’s Clubfoot program worldwide, enjoys a moment at Donuts World after traveling with Chloe Howard and friends to our partner clinic for home visits.

Photos by Nelson Muoki

Prayer time: our kids were having a session of prayer in the playroom. They prayed for their health and families, amongst other things.

A group of patients listed keenly as Pastor Emmy takes them through the story of Jonah.

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