The Week in Photos: A little hope

A collection of photos from CURE locations around the world.

CURE Niger

Photos by Joel Witwer

Many Nigeriens are very stoic for photographs, so we consider it a HUGE compliment that Hadiza feels comfortable enough around us to get silly!

Hamza has been in and out for several hand surgeries and skin grafts, and while he hasn’t spent (relatively) that much time here, his smile and personality have made him one of the family!

Souraya has been with us on and off for the last seven months and we love every minute we’re blessed to spend with this little gem!

Since being free from his walker, Ahmed has been motoring all around the hospital, which tends to tire him out. So, we’ll find him resting in all the random places!

Roukaya had a rough surgery last week, but blowing bubbles with some visitors helped take her mind off of everything.

CURE Philippines

Photos by Marlene Bray

Jarred’s emotions were all over the place during his cast removal. Fortunately, he was mainly full of giggles!

Eric Cyrus insisted that we took a picture of him wearing the football gear…and the front of the baby swing. We don’t ask why, we just oblige!

The intense stress of playing Jenga was almost more than Aron could handle!

We have another Ponseti baby in our midst! Dr. Ruggles explains the casting method to two- week-old Alzayn’s mom before his treatment starts.

Twins Jea and Janna show us that you’re never too old for make believe. Our dress up books transformed them into a mermaid and a peacock!

Photos by Hope Kim Doit

Dr. Jun shows Dexter the best exercises to do to help him become more mobile.

Radio Technologist Al and Nurse Chris examine a patient’s X-ray before helping out in surgery.

Marvin’s big brother Reymark proudly says that his little brother can now crawl since the last time we saw him! Reymark was right!

A few days old, Alzayn calmly sleeps on his side before his first clubfoot treatment.

With his wound almost healed, Reymark is back to his strong and sociable self during clinic!

CURE Uganda

Photos by Christopher Mullen

Dani and Catie pray for Brian during CURE’s spiritual outreach in the town of Mbarara.

Jordan from the CURE U program prays for Gereson who accepted Christ earlier in the day, during CURE’s spiritual outreach in the town of Mbarara.

Emleigh from the CURE U program helps Bonita blow bubbles during a craft and play time, during CURE’s spiritual outreach in the town of Mbarara.

Emmy, Catie, and Dani from the CURE U program pray during a worship service as they were apart of CURE’s spiritual outreach in the town of Mbarara.

Simon Peter and Enid pray with Glorious as she accepts Jesus as her Lord and Savior, during CURE’s spiritual outreach in the town of Mbarara.

CURE Zambia

Photos by Abby Tumelo

Tresford gets a new pair of shoes that he looks forward to wearing something.

CKC Mubita plays with baby Simon.

Nurses pose for a photo at their work bay.

Tresford plays with his new CURE U friends.

Olivia and her friend Oma share a hug!

CURE Ethiopia

Photos by Bethlehem Teshome

The beginning of a good friendship! These two have clubfoot and they are getting cast treatment together!

Seid has been with us for a couple of months now. He has a lot of friends and this week he found a new one and his name is Amen!

This little one loves running around and playing! She saw her mother brushing her tooth with a “mefakia” (which is a stick that is used as a toothbrush). She took one from her and start cleaning her tooth.

Chaltu helped Belaynesh wash her hair and braided it after wards!

Checkers time! Abdulahi and Feresenbet were focused on their game without noticing their audiences!

CURE Kenya

Photos by Naphtali Foster

Joleen and her mama, Nancy, busy themselves as they wait to be seen at our new mobile clinic.

Marygoretti, our physical therapist, and Joleen have a snuggle. Later, when we showed this photo to Margoretti, she told us, “I miss her!” We are so thankful her heart for our kiddos.

We fell a bit in love with little miss pretty eyes, Natalie.

Pastor Philip prays with Eddy to receive Christ on mobile clinic.

Photos by Elvis Lemaiyan

Steve, one of our neighbors, and his son TJ came over to play with our kiddos. As he was speaking with Brian, he asked him when he was going to have his surgery and if he was afraid. Brian said, “No.” Steve’s reaction was priceless.

Little Dennis absolutely loves the camera. We know this because every time he saw the camera, he gave us very beautiful smiles.

Photos by Nelson Muoki

We met the little cutie at Kitale Mobile Clinic and she warmed our hearts with her smile and friendliness.

Say hello to our young photographer Vivian, she loves the camera, and whichever side of the lense she is at, she keeps her lovely smile glowing.

These feet belong to a girl who burned her feet when she was 3 days old. Walking has not been easy for her, but she will soon be receiving prosthesis from CURE Kenya.

One of our visitors at CURE Kenya shares a sweet with lovely Abel. He couldn’t wait to have a taste of the candy.

CURE Malawi

Photos by Avanell Brock

We spied on Lufina through the crack in the curtains. She spotted us!

Look at that smug baby! Diyana is so cute!

Michelle gets a dress change!

This cutie was scooting around the ward like a pro in his clubfoot braces.

The Apostolic Youth Corps prays for the kids at CURE.

Cayleigh came with a group from the Apostolic Youth Corps to visit and entertain our kids in the hospital. Trinity especially enjoyed playing with her and bubbles!

The Apostolic Youth Corps sent a group of students from the USA and Canada to visit our kids in the ward for the afternoon! They sang some songs for the kids and did some skits!

Chinasi is going home and she looks so happy!

Dr. Lubega and Dr. Karolina check out an X-ray during ward rounds.

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