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“I work as a radiologic technologist, and I like the quality of work that we do. It’s like an art to see the difference on how we care for the patients by capturing their X-ray images as we do it right. I get to take pre-surgery and post-surgery images and see dramatic changes on their healing. It amazes me! Most of the patients who are from the villages are happy to finally get their surgeries done, and that itself is a fulfillment that I get at my job.”

Francis, Radiologic Technologist

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Photo of the Hope Kim Doit

Hope Kim Doit Hope Kim Doit serves as a CURE Storyteller in the Philippines. She enjoys quality time with kids, memorable selfies, and a delicious serving of coffee-flavored gelato. She was first involved with CURE U, CURE's University program, at the University of Florida, where she acquired her bachelor’s degree in Health Science. She wants to live a life full of adventure on a daily basis, but also thinks that talking to people is an adventure in itself. Hope Kim was born two hours away from the Tebow CURE Hospital and couldn’t be more excited to be back in the Philippines, capturing every moment so she can share it with the rest of the world.

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