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Letting God do His work

Letting God do His work

A photo of Chisala from Zambia. Learn more at

Photo above: Chisala in December of 2014

I’m particularly moved by the story of Chisala. He came to CURE Zambia for treatment for hydrocephalus when he was four, and we discovered a tumor in the process of assessing him. At first, it was thought he would need to be sent out of the country for treatment, but Dr. John Mugamba performed the surgery at CURE Zambia and removed the tumor. The surgery was followed by radiation treatment at another hospital nearby. Now age 7, Chisala came back for a follow-up and is in great health! There is no sign of the tumor or any related symptoms, and he is in school and doing well.

Chisala in March 2017

Chisala visiting CURE Zambia for a follow-up in March, 2017.

Dr. Mugamba is famous for saying, “We do what we can and God does the rest.” Over the years, on more than a few cases that other surgeons would not touch, or even where optimal outcomes seemed impossible, Dr. Mugamba would follow his convictions and do what he felt he could. He sometimes would not know how these children would do long-term. Frequently, one of them walks back into the hospital, sometimes years later.

It’s a poignant reminder that although we may never grasp the full impact of our mission in the lives of the children we serve (our average hospital stay is only four days), God is very much at work continuing the healing that begins in our hospitals. We don’t always need to know how it ends in order to begin.

I love stories like Chisala’s, and I love that we’re working with people not afraid to step out, live, and work by faith—people who still believe in miracles.