People of CURE

“Driving for CURE—in fact I like it, and it is the place I feel comfortable. I’m liked by people. It is the place I have found good; I have stayed many years. I say it is a home for the old, it’s a way of the youth they come and go, but for me I’m at home.”

Yokolam, Driver

About the photographer
Photo of the Christopher Mullen

Christopher Mullen Aloha, I’m Christopher, the CURE Storyteller at CURE Uganda. My favorite thing in the world to do is make photographs, and I get to do that in a wonderful environment. On a normal day, I get to document surgeons, doctors, and nurses saving lives and families being prayed for and comforted by every department in the hospital. Prior to working for CURE, I spent the last two years working as a freelance photojournalist in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.


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