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“Kilumba wa Kalenga is a name from Congo that my husband gave my son. I don’t really know what it means, but all I know is that Kilumba has always made me joyful since the day he was born. That’s why I want you to take as many pictures of us so I can remember how great being at Beit CURE was.”

mother of Kilumba wa Kalenga

About the photographer
Photo of the Mubita Simataa

Mubita Simataa Mubita served as Storyteller at CURE Zambia until 2017. He is a fun-loving and hard-working blogger, entrepreneur, social media enthusiast, and a great communicator who loves kids. He also loves travelling and photography. Before joining CURE, Mubita studied at the University of Zambia and worked in telecommunications.

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