People of CURE

“When there is a disabled person in your family, they keep the family in poverty. Everyone is working, but that child is not. Any extra money the family makes must go to supporting that child. It is a weight on the family. A person who has a handicap is like a dead person. They can’t do anything in their life. They will stay poor.

“After Djamila receives this healing, she will no longer be the image of death, she will have been given new life.”

Sumon, uncle of Djamila

About the photographer
Photo of the Joel Witwer

Joel Witwer My title says that I'm the Lead Storyteller, previously Storyteller for Niger, previously CUREkids Coordinator in Zambia. All this really means is I hang out with kids and sometimes take photos. I love these kids thus I love my job. My goal is to translate this love into pixels and words so that you can fall in love as well!


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