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“And now, I have more than joy, I have a reason to thank God for CURE and what CURE is doing not only to my daughter, but also to my family. CURE has really brought joy, peace and a lot of smiles! When I want to talk about CURE, being honestly, I would tell people how CURE has provided to us everything needed in the hospital and I was amazed. From the kitchen, bathroom, beddings and everything, we were given freely! My child will go home happy and go back to school.”

Sofilina, mother of Sara

About the photographer
Photo of the Avanell Brock

Avanell Brock Avanell Brock served as CURE Storyteller at CURE Malawi. Using her skills in photography and writing to serve God and help people has been a long-term goal, and she's so happy to have a job doing just that right out of college! She gets to tell the world about the awesome kids that we serve in Malawi, getting their stories, surgeries, and smiles out to people who can pray and support them! Malawi is a beautiful country and Avanell loves exploring it on the weekends! She also enjoys photography, cooking, reading, and of course, playing with some pretty great kids. She loves her family back home in Rhode Island and is so glad that modern day technology allows her to call them almost every weekend from the other side of the world. Before joining CURE, Avanell studied photojournalism in Rochester, NY.


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