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“I wanted to be a Orthopedic Surgeon because working with kids is the most rewarding and satisfying part of being a doctor. When we’re in the OR we have the opportunity to make what was once bent, straight. These kids just want to get back to playing with their friends and having the ability to restore that function is a blessing!”

Rick, Orthopedic Surgeon

About the photographer
Photo of the Mieraf Gebresellasie

Mieraf Gebresellasie Mieraf served as a Storyteller at CURE Ethiopia from 2015 to 2018. She was born in a refugee camp in Northern Sudan and grew up in the U.S. Having taken a few trips to Ethiopia, she recognized her calling to return to the land in which she belonged, to serve. Photography is her passion and she loves to show the voices of children through the images she captures. Mieraf enjoys hiking, learning with children, and exploring the uniqueness that is humanity. She loves listening, watching, hearing stories through people while traveling unbeaten paths, shopping at local markets, learning Amharic, and serving cake she’s baked to strangers wherever a cake is needed.

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