Lights, music, dance: Night to Shine 2017

Dance floor photo by ZeniumConcepts, Used with permission.

Lights, bubbles, upbeat music, and people from different nations dressed in their best on the dance floor—it’s “Night to Shine”!

The Tebow CURE Hospital in the Philippines is one of the hosts for “Night to Shine,” which is sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. We will simultaneously celebrate with 375 host churches across 11 countries worldwide on February 10, 2017. It’s not only an exciting prom event. It’s when we, the Tebow CURE Hospital, reaffirm the love of Jesus to 200 guests with special needs all over Mindanao! We also share how each person can be an heir of God’s kingdom through Christ’s love for us on the cross.

Dance floor photo by ZeniumConcepts, Used with permission.

Dance floor photo by ZeniumConcepts. Used with permission.

Last year, volunteers from partner churches in Davao got to break dance with CUREkid J-Vie on the dance floor! That was a big deal since it was J-Vie’s first time dancing after having life-transforming surgery at CURE!

CUREkid J-Vie as Night to Shine guest. Photo by: Marlene Bray.

CUREkid J-Vie as Night to Shine guest. Photo by Marlene Bray.

As the students from the School for the Blind lined up to go home from last year’s Night to Shine, a guest grabbed my arm and said, “Ma’am, I have never been this happy. You guys are giving us too much. This is too much…” This was one way to reaffirm that God’s love is abundant. He loved us “too much” to die on the cross for our sins.

With guests from the School for the Blind, Resources for the Blind, Deaf Ministries Institute, Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc., and CUREkids who have gone through surgeries here at the hospital, we could not be more excited to answer the call to serve people with special needs in the southern part of the Philippines through this prom event!

Thanks to church partners in the United States, we were able to receive dress donations that our guests will get to take home with them after the party this year. Two weeks ago, guests got to roll in their wheelchairs at the hospital as they scanned through their options to pick their own dress for the event!

Tebow CURE’s first ever CUREkid Ruby Ann HAS her make-up done by Rodni Varquez. Photo by: Marlene Bray

Tebow CURE’s first ever CUREkid Ruby Ann has her make-up done by Rodni Varquez. Photo by Marlene Bray.

We wish we could have all of our CURE friends join us on Valentine’s day weekend. But don’t fret, even if you’re oceans away from the Philippines, you can contribute to making this night special by praying for our guests and volunteers. We also want to open up the opportunity for you to give financially as we provide food, transportation, and giveaways for our guests through

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