A mom’s glad heart

Meet Fidaoussi. She was treated through the CURE Clubfoot program in Niger after her mom, Nafissa, heard about treatment through the media. Initially, when Nafissa saw that her daughter was born with clubfoot, she thought it would be a condition that Fidaoussi would deal with the rest of her life. Mom Nafissa questioned herself, “Why did I have a child with clubfoot?”

Then, they entered the CURE Clubfoot treatment program, and healing came. Nafissa was very happy with Fidaoussi’s treament after the first casting. After that, she was confident that her daughter would be healed. Now, she has hope that Fidaoussi will be able to attend school one day. She also said that the clubfoot counselor they worked with was a “good help,” and he even visited them to see how Fidaoussi was feeling. Nafissa is very glad for the treatment her daughter received.


Before and after: Fidaoussi when she was first brought into the treatment program in 2013. On the right, Fidaoussi walks with straight feet.