Wherever Jesus is, healing follows

It’s no secret that Jesus spent a lot of time healing people, but He didn’t necessarily spend a lot of time seeking out people to heal. In Matthew, crowds came to Jesus and placed people with a variety of disabilities at His feet. An entire town gathered at His door in Mark and He healed many of their diseases. A paralyzed man was carried on a mat and brought before Jesus in Luke. In John, a man found Jesus as soon as He arrived in town and begged Him to heal his son.

Wherever Jesus went, healing followed.

The trend continued even after His death and resurrection, except then healing happened not through the person of Jesus on earth but through His Spirit in the apostles. Acts 5:16 says that “crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by impure spirits, and all of them were healed.”

Wherever Jesus is, healing follows. It’s a thing that is still happening today.


Cherilyn from the Philippines

We were in the Dominican Republic a few months ago on a photoshoot trip and spent a day visiting families whose children had been treated by our hospital there. At every stop along the way, we were told about more kids who needed healing. A child with multiple deformities who lived down the street came up in a conversation at the first home we visited. At the next, the brother of a friend who had lived his entire life with clubfoot. A man who gave us directions home from our last visit told us about another child who needed help.

The same questions surrounded each situation—the same questions that were once asked of Jesus: Can we bring them to you? Can you help them?


Charity (right) from Malawi

This isn’t just a thing that happened on a day of patient visits in the Dominican Republic. This is a thing that happens every day, all over the world. Kids are being brought to our hospitals by friends and family members asking, “Can we bring them to you? Can you help them?”

And this isn’t just a thing I get to experience as someone who works for CURE and visits our hospitals often. This is a thing we all have the opportunity to experience together, every single day. In what is easily one of the internet’s best kept secrets, CUREkids is a platform for experiencing this phenomenon in real-time. You can go to cure.org/curekids anytime, on any day, and meet kids who are being brought to us in search of healing.

A photo of Xhian from Philippines. Learn more at https://cure.org/curekids/philippines/2016/07/xhian/

Xhian from the Philippines

CUREkids is where I met Xhian. He’s a two-year-old boy from the Philippines who was born with clubfoot. Nurses hid him for three days after he was born because they were afraid to show his feet to his mother. His dad, Amado, said, “When Xhian started talking, he would hold his feet and pray for God to heal them. People at our church also prayed for his healing. And now, the prayers of many people brought us here.”

Kids are being brought to us whether in person or on a screen. But really, they’re being brought to Jesus, just as they were when He walked on earth. Healing still follows Him. He is the One who does the actual healing of bodies and spirits, but we can choose to be part of what He’s doing in a tangible way.

Fair warning: I’m about to give a shameless plug for being part of what’s He’s doing in a tangible way.

But really! You can be part of this! You can celebrate Jesus’ birth by continuing what He started 2,000 years ago. You can help heal a child this Christmas by giving the Gift of Healing.


Esther and her mom, from Zambia

“Giving the gift of healing” sounds nice and tidy, but like many things in which Jesus is involved, it’s not. It’s completely life-changing. Kids who find healing get to go back to school. They get to be set free. They get to find their voice. They get to live.

Kids like Xhian get to see their prayers answered.

Children who need healing are going to keep being brought to our hospitals. They’re going to keep showing up on your computer screen. Families are going to keep asking, “Can we bring them to you? Can you help them?”

We want to keep saying “yes” as often as we can, and we want you to join us. Because we believe that wherever Jesus is—in and through people like you and me—healing follows.

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Amine from Niger

Photo of the Beka Watts

About the Author:

Beka is CURE's Writer, which means she gets to spend her days sharing stories of life-changing healing across a variety of platforms. She also frequently travels to CURE hospitals and program locations as part of the media team. She is a big fan of coffee, olives, Gilmore Girls, and the Green Bay Packers.

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