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“After my surgery at CURE, most schools rejected me because I have spina bifida. Yet, I wanted to study. Most schools said that I was an inconvenience to other children because I was incontinent, but my mom found a school that would accommodate me, and I am no longer incontinent. When at school, other children stare at me so much because of the way I walk, but I stand firm. My performance at class is good. People keep wondering how I can pass my classes in my condition, so they get close to me, and I now have friends. I am now a prefect at school. I have seen what God can do, because I recently joined music and I was awarded as the best musician of the year in my district. I am a testimony.”

Beautiful, CUREkid

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Photo of the Edwin Ongom

Edwin Ongom Edwin is a Storyteller at CURE Uganda.

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