The Week in Photos: Many faces, many places

A collection of photos from CURE locations around the world.

CURE Uganda

Photos by Christopher Mullen


Nelvin plays his piano as he lays in his bed in the ICU.


Immaculate prays over Blessing as she rests in the ICU.


Godfrey holds his daughter Gloria outside the OR as she recovers from her operation.


During morning rounds, the medical team examines Gloria’s wound site as she is held by her Dad, Godfrey.

CURE Zambia

Photos by Situmbeko Wambulawae


Beatrice had a fun time in art class! She decided to show off her masterpiece by sticking it on her nose!


Tomas had a very awkward encounter when this little angel refused to hang out with him.


Ireen couldn’t help but laugh with joy when she was told she needs no more casts!


We caught Nurse Precious cuddling baby Joy after a long day of work.


Sometimes, we take pics of kids ’cause they are just simply adorable!


Joyce turned out to be a total pro at painting trinklets, and she was so happy to show us her work! We could see her smile bursting from within!


CURE Ethiopia

Photos by Mieraf Gebresellasie


Head Ward Nurse Sami caught the baby blues when taking this sweet one to the OR for his procedure


Ahmed was being his usual silly self with one of our Spiritual Team members, Nahom, in the ward!

Ethiopia.OR Staff & resident

Dr. Anna was on her way out and completed three weeks with us, but not before OR staff, Dr. Tim, and Dr. Mary rallied up for a group photo! Thank you for your service Dr. Anna!

CURE Kenya

Photos by Naphtali Foster & Nelson Muoki


We’re thankful for our caring staff throughout the hospital. Mary works hard in our business office, but also takes time to spend with our patients, including Alphonce.


Elvis, our intern, walks into the business office with William. “You stole baby William,” we say. Nelson, one of our CUREkids Coordinators, quickly snatches him up, starts playing with him, and then says, “Type, baby, type!”


We caught pretty Angel tickling her mama!


Oh, the joys of being a mama! This week, we have some precious kiddos in the hospital waiting to get cleft lip/cleft palate surgery.


Christine is practicing her walking, and her mom is hiding behind Christine while we take photos!


Baby Jane’s big eyes are just too much for us! We love them so much!

CURE Malawi

Photos by Avanell Brock


Chosadziwa before he went home! We’re so happy for him.


Thandy made a new friend! Yusuf has one of the most infectious giggles and is so fun to tickle! He’s always yelling for Thandy to come over and play with him.


Baby Joseph is here for a checkup! He’s getting so big! Every couple weeks when he comes in for his clubfoot treatment, we’re amazed at how much he’s grown!


Jazaka has such a great smile! Unfortunately, he couldn’t have surgery for his infection yet. Please be praying antibiotics help!


Tamara’s grin when she gets her get-well messages is so big!


We love baby Boniface! He always cheers us up!


Boniface has a great smile, but his serious face is pretty adorable, too!


Yusuf and Boniface are already best friends! They’re running around together in the hospital having great fun!


Thandy shows Danford his get-well messages: one of the few things that cheered him up on an off day!


Tamara is so happy to have her frames off!


Thom is here for some more physiotherapy. Please be praying for him; physio is hard!


Felia is back for physio, and we’re so happy that she’s been doing her exercises. She is doing better with walking!


Boniface is having a lot of fun with the mirror!


Square is back for his surgery after his MRI came back clean! He is making friends with Boniface!


Jamila and Stivelia were having great fun playing Bao outside!


CUREkids Coordinator Thandy is hoarding all the babies! Boniface and Yusuf both love playing with him!


Victoria is way too happy for a kid who is about to go into surgery! Please be praying for her infection.


Olive came in for a followup with Dr. Linda after her finger was removed because of a tumor.


Ruth! Stuffed animals aren’t for eating!


Ruth decided to let Mr. Bunny try her shoes on for size!

CURE Philippines

Photos by Hope Kim Doit


We got a hold of a set of stick-on tattoos! So, Kryzelle picked her choice of puppy and flowers out of all the cute selections!


Here’s a preview of Xhian’s abstract artwork as he finishes it off with a Hulk sticker!


In clinic, Rena welcomes other patients by sharing toys!


Being part of our maintenance team, keeping our facilities spotless, and spotting a nurse during clinic are some of Elaine’s ways of taking care of our patients.


Jehian doesn’t think waiting is a pain when you have books to read!


Rena’s smile charms her way to making new friends wherever she goes.

Photos by Marlene Bray


After several visits to Tebow CURE, Zhian is becoming a bubble-blowing expert!


Physical Therapist Chin shows Fred the first pair of shoes he will ever wear! We think he would have preferred Nikes, but these will ensure he can hit the courts later in life: clubfoot free!


We dare any of you to show us a smile bigger than Norhaia’s! As a bonus, Physical Therapy Intern Lysette says, “She just loves everyone!” Our kind of kid!


Our nurses spent this week refreshing their knowledge of Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support.


Although, he’s just double-checking the position of the pin, Ralph looks ready to go to war with Rehj’s broken elbow.


Rehj passes some time in the playroom with CUREkids Coordinator Hope Kim. He kept trying to catch them gently, so as not to pop them, but was never successful. It didn’t ruin the fun!


Rizz Ann and Krizylle became fast friends when they came to CURE for surgery in August. They were so thrilled to run into each other at clinic, and were inseparable once again!


Zedrick’s surgery is a little backwards. Most of these surgeries end in casts, but his started with a set! Dr. Reyes removed them before surgery began, and Zedrick carefully observed every step of the removal process.


Meet more CUREkids

Photo of the CURE International

About the Author:

CURE International is a Christian health care network that operates charitable hospitals and programs in underserved countries worldwide where patients experience the life-changing message of God’s love for them, receiving surgical treatment regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity.

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