The Week in Photos: Time flies; have fun!

A collection of photos from CURE locations around the world.

CURE Uganda

Photos by Hannah Whelchel and Christopher Mullen


This little guy is enjoying the sunshine at our grounds in CURE Uganda.


Moses cracks a smile organizing patient files.


Margret lays in her bed in the ICU. She wears an oxygen mask as a result of her difficultly breathing.


Sarah smiles as she looks into the camera moments before her son Solomon was taken into surgery.


Dr. Peter observes Dr. My as they work on performing an ETV/CPC. Dr. My is learning the ETV/CPC procedure at CURE.


The gardeners talk about the life of a carrot.

CURE Zambia

Photos by Mubita Simataa and Situmbeko Wambulawae


Gift, Twidai, and little Gift all took part in a photo shoot for a new billboard!


Gift and Florence had a fun time on the swings, casts and all!


Executive Director Maarten Caspari receives a donation on behalf of the CURE Zambia hospital.


Our Executive Director was happy to see the mascot and he reminded us all why one of CURE’s core values is to be childlike!


Violet is beaming! She was so happy to meet and hug a life size “cartoon.”

CURE Kenya

Photos by Naphtali Foster & Nelson Muoki


Phoebe, who works in the playroom, blows bubbles.


We aren’t the only photographers around here.


CURE’s newest couple: Cate and Elias!


Hide and go seek: “I see you!”


Friday was the day we celebrated all the kiddos God has healed of clubfoot through CURE. These kids celebrated by jumping on the trampoline.


“I’m gonna get you, big bear.”


“I got you, big bear!”


A mama and her son enjoying each other during our celebration.

CURE Malawi

Photos by Avanell Brock


The kids wait for the playroom to open for them.


This baby waits for her feet to be evaluated at the CURE Malawi Clubfoot Clinic.


July giggles and smiles while Dr. Saf evaluates his clubfoot before casting!


Luka and Silaji are playing the “piano” and giggling!


Karen and the rest of the kids wait for Jarson to let them into the playroom at CURE Malawi.


Nurse Forcina helps Falida wake up from anesthesia after a wound inspection. Falida wasn’t very happy. She wanted to see her mommy Anna, not Forcina!


Ibrahim was grumpy and in pain for most of the day after a wound inspection, but when we caught up with him afterwards he had a lollipop (and maybe some painkillers). He was quite happy!


Pemphero sits near the kitchen waiting for some lunch.


Charles is always happy! Even after being stuck on bed rest for a week after hip surgery, he’s laughing and smiling!


Panashe’s mom reads him a book in bed.


We’re going to miss sweet Falida now that she’s gone home!


Thokozani is happy to get to go home!


July was NOT happy to get a cast change! But like most babies, he was cheery soon after!


Panashe and Tawanyasha are playing in the rain gutter today! Goofs!


Tawanyasha is from Zimbabwe and is waiting here to get an AFO!


Silaji is quite serious about his lunch! The kids at CURE get free food and they quite enjoy getting rice instead of nsima.


Fatima loves her baby, July!


Thokozani and a guardian salt their lunch.


Little Karen is waiting for her wound inspection to happen!


Lissa loves high-fiving CUREkids Coordinator Avanell every single time Avanell walks by her bed! They’ve already had over 10 high-fives today!


Silaji and Catherine play with Catherine’s daddy’s phone! Avanell had to sneak up to take this photo or else they would have jumped up and asked her to take a selfie video of them on her phone!

CURE Philippines

Photos by Marlene Bray


Look out world, Benson is cast-free and on the move!


Rizz Ann and Krizylle were roommates this past week and colored together, albeit very seriously, in the playroom!


So many choices… Ralp digs through a pile of metal plates and rods to find just the right one to set Rizz Ann’s arm straight.


He claims that it was an extra sweaty day in the operating room, but we know that Dr. Jun actually likes channeling Rambo for challenging cases!


Kathryn was convinced that pretty much everything in the playroom was scary. The swing was the one exception, which she found to be an “acceptable” level of fun.


On their discharge day, Rizz Ann and Krizylle wanted to color one more picture. They wanted to make “Thank You” cards for Dr. Jun who took great care of them during their stay!

Photos by Hope Kim Doit


Many of our missionaries travel through mountains and valleys to take CUREkids into the city for surgery. This time, some members of our team traced back their tracks to do a mobile clinic.


Mom and baby patiently waited in line so they can see the doctor and get scheduled for surgery!


We were ecstatic to meet the kids during the mobile clinic for follow-up and screening. They were just as excited to meet us so that they could have surgery!

Meet more CUREkids

Photo of the CURE International

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CURE International is a Christian health care network that operates charitable hospitals and programs in underserved countries worldwide where patients experience the life-changing message of God’s love for them, receiving surgical treatment regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity.

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