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“Every morning I wake up and I know there is a child out there who needs me. If I don’t avail myself, he might not have a chance; he might not have a future. That drives me. That makes me wake up every morning. That makes me thank God for every single morning that I’m able to be useful to Him, to heal lives, to bring families together, to provide hope.”

Dr. Ssenyonga, Medical Director

About the photographer
Photo of the Bryce Alan Flurie

Bryce Alan Flurie Bryce Alan Flurie served at CURE from 2008 to 2017. Photographer, Videographer, Editor, Poet, and Multi-Instrumentalist, Bryce lives with his lovely wife and cherubic children on a farm in rural PA that has been in his family for four generations. His lens has found its way to Sarajevo, Palestine, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, the United Arab Emirates, Niger, Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Haiti, India, and the Philippines.

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