News & Stories Stories of healing from CURE Clubfoot India

Stories of healing from CURE Clubfoot India

Stories of healing from CURE Clubfoot India

The following stories were submitted by Tiarenla Jamir, Coordinator for CURE Clubfoot in Nagaland, India.


ZizizoBefore ZizizoAfterzizizocrocs

Baby Zizizo’s parents were very worried about his deformity at his birth. He was their first child and they had a lot of questions when they came to CURE’s clubfoot clinic for the first time. He started his treatment on March 11, 2014. Since his first visit, Zizizo has had eight casts and tenotomy, which is the release and lengthening of a tendon to treat clubfoot.

Due to Zizizo’s progress, his family is very happy and content with CURE and the treatment their son received. Zizizo is now using a brace and the results have been wonderful. On January 13, 2015, we gave him a pair of shoes as a gift. Zizizo’s family received them happily and even said that it will be his first birthday gift as his birthday was about to fall the following month.


AyitshoBeforeAyitshoAfter  Ayitshocrocs

Baby Ayitsho was an unwanted child to his biological parents as soon as he was conceived. A couple from their neighborhood asked them to give birth so that they could adopt the baby. However, to their dismay, Ayitsho had clubfoot. According to them, it was not curable, so they gave up their idea of adopting the baby. Therefore, the parents gave him to the district social welfare society who later handed Ayitsho over to an orphanage far away from his hometown. He was brought to us by the owner of the orphanage on July 17, 2014. He was one month old, tiny, and weak.

The owner of the orphanage shared his inspirational story about the challenge to open a home for underprivileged and homeless children. They were very good to this little baby and gave him love and care until he got his new home.

Ayitsho has since been adopted by a couple that was unable to have children. They took him to their home and are giving the same love and care that one gets from their own parents. Today, he is very happily wearing his foot braces. His parents are very excited to share about him every time they come to us. They are very satisfied with the treatment and all of the care they receive from CURE.


LidiroAfter LidiroBefore Lidirocrocs

Born on September 2, 2013, baby Lidiro is his parents’ fourth child. He is always smiling and is loved by everyone. His parents were very worried about him until they came across our program in the local newspaper. They thought that there wouldn’t be any treatment available for Lidiro’s deformity. However, as soon as they learned that he could be treated, they rushed to our clinic. The trip was 450 kilometers away from their hometown with pathetic road conditions which required them to travel overnight.

They were anticipating Lidiro’s correction to happen on the day they arrived. We tried to help them understand the treatment protocol and our objective. They were very excited and thankful to CURE. As the days went by, they could see a drastic change in his feet and could see how we cared for them. They almost broke down with tears and were very thankful to CURE. Lidiro’s treatment included five casts and a tenotomy.

We had a get-together with all the parents during World Clubfoot Day 2014 and Lidiro’s mother was interviewed by the local media. She said, “This great work of bestowing hope to our family will never be forgotten.” On February 3, 2015, we gave shoes to baby Lidiro as a gift from CURE. Lidiro’s family promised to pray for CURE’s work to help more children to see the ray of hope through healing. They were once lost, but today they are no longer put to shame because of their child’s disability. Today their life is like seeing light at the other end of the tunnel.


SotsulaAfter SotsulaBefore SotsulaCrocs

Sotsula has been our joy. By nature she is very jolly. She was born on February 6, 2010, however, she only came to us on September 12, 2013, because her parents were unaware of the treatment available for Sotsula’s clubfoot. They were also unwilling to disclose her deformity openly due to the stigma and social issues involved with any deformity, so she was never taken for any treatment. They found out about CURE through a local newspaper and decided to come to us. Sotsula had a unilateral clubfoot; only her left foot was affected.

By the time Sotsula was brought to CURE she was already three years old. She had hard skin formed on the affected foot because she was walking on it. Gradually, as we started her treatment, we noticed improvement in her foot. She required eight casts and we performed a tenotomy. She responded very well to the treatment and today she wears a brace for the final stage of her treatment.

Both her mother and father have expressed that they now will bear testimony for other children born with such deformity. Today they are very happy to see their child walking like any other child. Their fear of her being a girl child with such deformity is gone forever.


TasangaBefore TasangnaAfter TasangnaCrocs

Tasangna was born on June 28, 2013, in an Ao Naga family with bilateral clubfoot. She is the third child to her parents. Being from a well-educated family, her parents were able to find treatment for her immediately. On July 30, 2013, she started her first cast. Tasangna’s treatment included twelve casts and a tenotomy.

Tasangna has been wearing a brace for more than a year as her final step in her treatment. During her treatment, her parents donated to CURE as a token of their appreciation toward our program.

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