News & Stories CURE welcomes Chris Tomlin to Board of Directors

CURE welcomes Chris Tomlin to Board of Directors

CURE welcomes Chris Tomlin to Board of Directors

chris-tomlin_2466Meet CURE International’s new board member: Chris Tomlin.

Chris is a husband and father, originally from Texas, and he and his wife, Lauren, and daughters, Ashlyn and Madison, now live in Florida.

Chris also enjoys writing songs and leading worship. He’s made a successful profession of it, selling more than four million albums to date (TIME calls him the “most sung” current songwriter in the world). He found out about CURE through his involvement with the Passion conferences. He says they had eight different causes to talk about, but when he heard what CURE does, he couldn’t stop talking about it.

“Every night I’d hear myself talk about CURE, and I’m like, ‘This is what I want to talk about! This is what moves my heart.’ And I know if it moves me, that’s what’s going to communicate to people,” he says. “I was so drawn to just how well they were doing things, and how they’re really changing kids lives.”

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Chris says the spiritual ministry of CURE is a “game-changer.”

“It wasn’t just ‘We’re going to be a hospital.’ We’re fixing people’s legs, but we’re fixing their heart. We’re talking to them about their heart, and what really matters: Their soul, and how Jesus loves them. About how God has a plan for their life, further than just medicine. And so I couldn’t stop talking about it!”

Since Chris’s music gives him a unique platform, he says he wants to use it for more than just playing songs. A key, to him, is that CURE actually does what they say they do. “CURE just has integrity through-and-through at every level. And that’s a beautiful thing, because when you’re talking about people’s money, it’s got to be a place you trust. I’ve found this is a place where I can trust where the money is going, and it’s really going to these kids.”

Chris is excited to join CURE for the same reason most of us are part of CURE: Seeing the Kingdom of God at work in kids lives. “Kids right now who can’t walk, they’re being carried, who can’t go outside because their faces look different… they get to be kids again. Because of CURE… because of you and me and everyone else involved, kids will be kids again, and be able to walk and run.

“I know that’s the heart of God. That makes God happy. People wonder, ‘What is God’s will?’ This is a massive part of His will.”

Indeed it is. And we’re thrilled to welcome Chris, Lauren, and daughters Ashlyn and Madison to the CURE family.

“If you know God at all, all through scripture: God’s about healing. Not just physically, but spiritually, too, He’s all about healing people,” Chris says. “I love that CURE’s about that in a very practical way… to see CURE growing is a beautiful thing.”