We GET to do this

Quick quiz, hotshot:

Q: You come across a little girl. She’s horribly scarred. She fell in a fire before she was a year old. Her horrified parents rescued her, but she was burned so badly, the bottom half of her leg was permanently stuck to the top part. Besides the massive scarring, she will be unable to walk the rest of her life. She’ll have no status, no chance at education, no marriage, no kids, nothing.

Here’s the wrinkle: You’re Jesus. (Work with me, here.) You can heal her, if you want.

Do you…

A) Say, “Well, I am Jesus, so I guess I have to…” And then heal her, because you have to, and would feel pretty guilty otherwise. Or…

B) Say, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I GET TO DO THIS??? THIS IS AWESOME!!!” and heal her leg, heal her scarring, and make her parents cry with joy. You then have a big party with one very happy, dancing little girl.

One is “have to.” It’s about guilt.

The other is “get to.” It’s about pure joy.

I’m thrilled to work for CURE, a network of charitable hospitals, where “the least of these” are given top-notch treatment and healing, both physically and spiritually. But I’m not doing it because I’d feel guilty otherwise. It’s not that I have to. I get to. I don’t get paid on commission. If no one clicks on this link and picks a kid to heal, it doesn’t impact my job. So no guilt from me here. Just pure, golden, joyful opportunity.

(True story: Before I came to CURE, I asked a couple friends who work there, “Do you enjoy it? Do you stay encouraged?” Their response: “We seriously walk around during the day, just amazed. Do we really get to do this??? Really?? HOW AWESOME IS THIS??”)

Amazingly, and this is so rare in history that humans like you and I have this option, but you and I get to heal children, if we choose to.

We seriously, really get to do this.

BY THE WAY: The above scenario was a real one. There is a little girl like that, and there is a person – ONE PERSON! – who paid for her surgery. The little girl’s name is Tigist.

And Jesus, in this case, is a woman named Anna.

I don’t know what Anna looks like, but I did find a new photo of our little Tigist, who found healing at CURE Ethiopia.

Anna, behold the girl God healed – through you.


What a sweetie.

We GET to do this!