Hydrocephalus Survivor Named First CURE Champion Winner

Michael May, CURE Champion Team 1 Winner

Michael May, CURE Champion Team 1 Winner

LEMOYNE, PA — Michael May was fortunate enough to be born in the US, where care for his hydrocephalus condition was available.  A surgery as an infant saved his life. Now, 20 years later, Michael is saving the lives of other children by raising funds to provide surgical care for children in the developing world through CURE International’s Champion program. A member of the inaugural Champion team, Michael, of Cynthiana, KY, was named the winner of the first Champion team today.

Depending on the severity of the condition and the response to treatment, the survivors of hydrocephalus can face severe limits in their development and abilities. Michael has defied that, leading an active life as a runner. When Michael learned about the CURE Champion program, he was thrilled. “I’m known for two things where I’m from, ” said Michael, “running and hydrocephalus. The CURE Champion program combined these two things in order to help kids.”  Michael continued, “I’ve always dreamed of knowing somebody else with hydrocephalus, but to raise money for the surgeries? That’s something special.”

The CURE Champion program was launched in the spring of 2013. The program brings together celebrity coaches and participants interested in reaching a fitness or performance goal. As participants worked toward their goal, friends, family, and co-workers can show support for their efforts by donating to CURE. The first CURE Champion team raised over $12,000 and funded the care of 11 children.

James, from Zambia, was treated for hydrocephalus. Champion Team 1 funded care for 11 children, including James.

James, from Zambia, was treated for hydrocephalus. Champion Team 1 funded care for 11 children, including James.

“Michael May really embodies the spirit of the whole Champion program,” said Joel Worrall, CTO for CURE International. “He’s overcome hydrocephalus and used that as a platform to help others with the same condition. He’s really making an impact with his life, and that’s what CURE Champion is all about. We are proud to name him the winner of our very first Champion team.”

As a winner of CURE Champion, Michael will be taking a trip this fall to visit the CURE hospital in the Dominican Republic. There, he’ll not only get to see the facility, but he’ll also be able meet kids who are at the hospital for treatment. “I’m excited to see what these great people do everyday for these kids,” said Michael. For the kids, it will be an opportunity to meet an adult who survived a similar childhood experience.

The CURE Champion program continues. The next team will start September 9th. Fitness coach John Carter will be returning to coach this team and will be joined by Eugene DePasquale, a youth coach who happens to also be the Auditor General of Pennsylvania, and Amanda Mason, a personal trainer and wellness specialist. Those interested in joining Champion Team 2 can learn more at

CURE’s Champion program connects your fitness and sports goals with the needs of a physically disabled child across the world. These children, unable to walk, run, and play, suffer from conditions that are correctable. You, along with other champions, will partner with friends and family to build support and raise money towards your financial goal to heal them. Because we want to see you meet your goals, CURE has partnered with a team of awesome trainers and coaches who are ready to help you achieve your fitness and fundraising objectives. Groups or individuals are given a customizable webpage to promote and manage their program. When the fundraising goal has been achieved, a team member and coach will be randomly selected for a goodwill trip to a CURE Hospital to meet with the patients and families at their homes. Learn more at

CURE International’s mission is to heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God. It is the largest provider of reconstructive surgery to disabled children in the developing world. Since opening the doors of its first surgical teaching hospital in Kijabe, Kenya, in 1998, CURE’s focus on bringing healing to developing nations has resulted in more than 2 million patient visits and over 147,000 surgeries to correct physically disabling conditions.  CURE hospitals are located in Afghanistan, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Niger, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, and Zambia. The Tebow CURE Hospital is also currently under construction in the Philippines.   CURE has also trained more than 6,600 medical professionals, raising the standard of care in the countries where it operates. Please visit for more information.