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Hello again from the Global Outreach Office!  Did you know that April is a really exciting month with lots of things to celebrate? It’s true! April is straw hat month, frog month, amateur radio month, cranberries and gooseberries month, brussels sprouts and cabbage month, and couple appreciation month, but our favorite thing about April is that it is volunteer appreciation month!

In honor of volunteer appreciation month, we wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to the over three hundred volunteers who have served with CURE over the last year.  CURE volunteers come from all over the world and help at our hospitals in a number of ways. We depend on volunteers to provide support to our staff and to minister to the children at our hospitals. Our volunteers give so much of themselves in offering their time and talents to our organization.  Many times, without the help of volunteers, we would not be able to offer quality care to our patients.

Although we can never truly express how thankful we are for our volunteers, we wanted to pay tribute to them by listing each person’s name who has volunteered between this April and last. So slip on your straw hat, go fetch your frog, rustle up your radio, cook up your cranberries, cabbage, gooseberries, and brussels sprouts, sit with your sweetie, and join us in thanking our volunteers by posting a note of gratitude of your own!


CURE Volunteers, April 2011 – 2012
Cindy Adams Diane Lawrence
Jonathan Adkins Dr. Jeffrey Lawrence
Adriana Aleman Lindy Lawrence
Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh Dr. James Leedham
Terry Allison Molly Lewis
Dr. Andrew Amata MandyLighty
Philip Ashley Dr. Paul Lim
Billie Jo Atkins Rachel Lim
Dr. Taufiq Azamy Frank Mackondy
Dr. Mohammad Babury Karen Mackondy
Sally Balkovic Ann Madden
Hannah Ballock Tyler Madison
Dr. Robert Ballock William Maloney
Andrew Baloy Carroll Mann
Dr. Timothy Bartholomew Sarah Markus
Georgia Basso Petronila Martinez-Sutter
Emily Beamer Illona E. Maruszak
Richard Beamer Dr. Guglielmo Mazzoni
Harry Benavent Claudia Mazzoni
Klaus Bergmann Dr. Michael McClincy
Mary Bernacki Matthew McCoy
Matthew Berry Ashley McFadden
Kristie Bishop Jane McMahon-Gilly
Sarah Black Ada McManus
Bryan Boardwell Milton Medeiros
Dr. Stephen Boe Dr. Larry Messer
Dr. Andrew Bogle Dr. Phillip Metz
Dr. Lisa Buckmiller Dr. Jennifer Miller
Dr. Henry Budd Dr. Jessica Miller
Tara Burns Charity Miller
Dr. Paul Byorth Mary Miner
Dr. Arulio Capponeti Katherine Minor
Brilee Carey Hillary Moore
Missy Carey Jennifer Morris
Caroline Carnes Jimmie Moses
Anne Carter Susan Moses
Dr. Louis Carter Dr. Martin Muller
Sarah Carter Courtney Murata
Samantha Chada Dr. Gary Murata
Dr. Chi-bew Chan Rose Murata
Dina Chehab Jeffrey Necio
Dr. Joseph Clawson Dr. Daemeon Nicolaou
Dr. Joseph Clawson Emily Nix
Benjamin Claxton Alan Norrish
Cynthia Cochran Lindsey North
Deborah Collier Peter North
Beverly Collins Barbara Northington
Dr. John Collins Dr. Sarah Offley
Judy Collins Cindy Ott
Joshua Cook Adam Pardo
Collin Cook Laura Patton
Rhonda Daugherty Scott Pearson
Emmy DeGregorio Marianne Peet
Joseph DeGregorio Dr. Walter Peet
Dr. John Demos Dr. Edward Pergiovanni
Cathy Demos Dr. Mary Pergiovanni
Brett Deutscher Dr. Kent Petrie
Anthony Diminick Martha Petrie
Joseph Diminick Lesley Phillips-Reed
Anstrice Dindy Esther Pinto
Kelley Dixon Jean Price-Kagan
Jodi Dockman Dr. Simon Prior
James Drahovzal Dr. Deborah Proctor
Rebecca Drahovzal Robert Proctor
Caroline Dubath Amanda Rearick
Barbara Dube Zachary Rearick
Melissa Duerr Kaitlyn Rhoades
Melissa Ebbers Ashley Richardson
Timothy Ebbers Dr. Frederick Robbe
Frank Eckrote Gail Royer
Michael Elliott Brenna Ryan
Cynthia Engle Brooke Ryan
Dr. Janet Engle Timothy Ryan
Samantha Engle Tamara Rychok
Linda Esposto Dr. Peter Salamon
Julie Falk Dr. James Sanders
Katelyn Farrar Dr. Rajbir Sarpal
Dr. Paola Farrari Sandy Scaia
Dr. Joseph Fillmore Dr. Elizabeth Scarlett
Dr. Bettina Fleishman Julia Scheider
Dr. Lee Flinner James Schermerhorn
Susan Flynn Ellie Schnepf
Hannah Follett Jessica Schoedel
Richard Frazier Marjorie Schoedel
Virginia Frazier Erin Schumaker
Casey Fulmer Farashta Sediqzad
Karen Gilbert Dr. Lee Segal
Dr. Shawn Gilbert Jamie Shanahan
Kevin Gillie Dr. Michael Shrader
Linda Gillie Maureen Sloan
Dr. Arthur Gilman Sandra Slomp
Dr. Gregory Godla Tenille Smith
Dr. Taneisha Grant Bonita Soliday
Joan Gunderson Dr. J. Thomas Soliday
Melinda Handler Morgan Soliday
Amy Hans Dr. Arif Somani
Rev. Daniel Hans Kathleen Spoelman
Danette Harrington Dr. Richard Stern
Emily Haseler Darcy Stubbings
Karolin Heck Sean Sutphen
Vivianna Hein Dr. Dawn Sweeney
Bradley Henry Candace Sweet
Dr. Byron Henry Sidney Sweet
Julia Henry-Hoyt Elizabeth Syring
Susan Henry-Hoyt Dr. John Tanksley
Katherine Herrera Paul Tavakolian
Rebecca Hess Carolyn Terman
Nicole Hess James Terman
Dr. John Heusinkveld Dr. Judith Traister
Suzanne Hilt LuAnn Turbiak
Mary Hishmeh Dr. Thomas Turbiak
Dr. Samir Hishmeh Margaret Van Wyk
Suzanne Hishmeh Dr. Anand Veeravagu
Dr. Bradley Hoch Dr. Michelle Vessely
Carolyn Hoch Kate Viola
Dr. John Hoffman Herman von Oy
Abigail Hofstrand Dr. Alan Vorst
Suzanne Hood Megan Waardenburg
Julia Hoyt Doug Waardenburg
Susan Hoyt Bruce Walpole
Ernestine Hoyt Mary Walpole
Dr. James Hoyt Alexis Walsko
Dr. Charles Hughes Carolyn Walsko
Joshua Hughes Alexander Walter
Rachel Hyatt-Hiebert Brianne Waring
Shannon Jennings Dr. E. William Waring
Kristyn Johnson Jessalyn Waring
Dr. David Johnston Alita Watson
Maureen Jones Susannah Watts
Katherine Kaeppler Kara Weber
Dr. Traci Kazmerski Lesley Wilkinson
Kirsten Kerr Amy Williams
Nancy Kiely Ashlyn Williams
Dr. Paul Kim Delena Wilman
Dr. Jason Kinzel Barbara Wilson
Joyce Klava Gunnar Wilson
Megan Knight Philip Winand
Sarah Knoll Sherry Wisor-Hoover
Erika Kohutova Eric Witte
Dr. Ramsay Koury Jean Wohleber
Margaret Kreutzer Robin Wohleber
Caroline Kupchella Rick Wood
Richard Kupchella Billl Wright
KasieLake Douglas Wright
Sheryl Lamb Melissa Wright
Crystal Langer Jeannie Yoon
Crystal Langer Jennifer Young
Michael Larsen Joshua Young
Dr. Philip Lawlis Dr. Mary Ziomek
Chuck Lawrence Dr. Paul Sloan

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About the Author:

Rachel is CURE International's Global Outreach (GO) Coordinator.

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