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About Esther

"It is hard to see my girl child with a deformity. She will never be able to function with that arm" said Musaula as she was telling us Esther's story.

Esther is a 6 year old girl with an elbow deformity. She was born normal but she fell out of a tree while playing one day. She was taken to the hospital where surgery was done on her arm but it wasn't done properly. She was later referred to Beit Cure and her mother Musaula brought her here to seek a better solution for her daughter's elbow problem. Musaula hopes her daughter can go back to being the way she was before she fell out of the tree. Esther is a preschooler who wants to be able to play with her friends without experiencing any pain in her arm.



  1. 10/30/2014 These girls just can't get enough of each other! Now their moms have even become friends! Esther is doing really well and has been up and out of bed quite a bit today.
  2. 10/29/2014 Esther's surgery went great yesterday and she's all smiles again today! Dr. Moyo and Dr. West opened up her elbow and removed a small portion of the bone, which will allow her elbow to bend and straighten properly. She was sewn back up and given a soft cast to allow the doctors easier access to check how the wound is healing. She woke up quickly after the surgery and even though she is not in too much pain today, she is spending the day resting!
  3. 10/28/2014 Esther is heading into surgery and she went under anesthesia like a champ! Please be praying that she wakes up with little pain and that everything goes smoothly. We will upload some photos of her surgery soon!
  4. 10/27/2014 Esther and Ketty ( have become such good friends! The nurses have noticed their friendship so when patients were needing to move to different beds to make room for new arrivals, they knew exactly where to put Esther. When Esther found out that she was moving to the bed next to Ketty she was thrilled!!! They've been playing together all morning!
  5. 10/23/2014 This weekend is Zambia’s 50th Independence Day so everyone is excited and since the big jubilee celebration is going to be just across the street from the hospital at the national soccer stadium the kids are excited to get to stay the weekend and watch all of the busyness and fireworks from the ward! We originally thought Esther would have surgery today and go home for the weekend, but because of the holiday her surgery has been postponed until next week, but she’s ok with that and is excited about the holiday festivities!
  6. 10/22/2014 Esther has made a new friend in the ward, Ketty ( Ketty is the shy one and Esther is definitely the extrovert! They've been bouncing a balloon around to each other this morning and there have been a lot of giggles! They are both scheduled for surgeries on their elbows tomorrow and then they will be cast buddies!


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