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About Vincent

Vincent is an outgoing and spunky kid who makes friends easily and loves riding bikes. When he was two years old, his right knee began to turn inward and his mother took him to a local hospital to try to get her son help. The hospital fitted him for a brace, intending it to stop his leg from bending, but unfortunately the brace has not been successful and has caused Vincent a lot of pain. Because of Vincent’s deformity, he is often mocked by other children, which has caused the Machayas to yet again seek out help. Thankfully, they have found out about us here at CURE Zambia and have brought Vincent to us believing that their son can be cured and have a brighter future!


  1. 07/24/2014 Vincent Machaya is in surgery at CURE Zambia. Learn more at
  2. 07/23/2014 Vincent is back with us! He is such a wild little guy so he was not happy when he was forced to come inside and get his temperature taken!
  3. 07/21/2014 Vincent is such a goofy kid! If he's not dishing out made up hand signs, he's posing with his friends! This kid really makes friends quickly!


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