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About Christopher

Anyone knows that a 16-year-old boy has a lot on his plate. Christopher Chirwa has one more thing added to the mix: a mysterious and unfortunate knee problem. Ever since he was 12, his left knee has been abnormally swollen, making it difficult to walk. He twisted the leg one day and now experiences pain. He went to several different clinics where they tried draining fluid from the knee, but no one seemed to treat or identify the real problem.

After years of dealing with the discomfort and difficulty walking, Christopher came to CURE to find a better solution. He had an x-ray done, which didn’t show any joint damage. They decided to perform a biopsy, but they quit when they discovered a lipoma, which is a soft, non-threatening tumor. The surgeons were not prepared for such a surgery, so Christopher has been scheduled to come back to CURE on October 31. Because the surgeons need to get some units of blood for the surgery, it will not happen until November 8.

In the meantime, Christopher can’t manage to go to school in his condition, even with crutches. His humor has not been dampened, however, and he remains optimistic about his future. Once the tumor is removed he will be up and at it once again.


Most Recent Status

  1. 07/04/2013Yesterday Christopher dropped by and we found out that he's doing well. Though he's still experiencing some knee stiffness he is able to walk without crutches! It's been a long road for Christopher, but we are excited to see his progress. He has been permanently discharged from CURE!
  2. 06/27/2013We didn't see Christopher come in for his appointment this week, but we're guessing that he's probably better than ever. Hope he comes around soon to confirm it!


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