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About Maria

When Maria was born, she entered into an existing family conflict that resulted in her being given over into the care of her grandmother, Barbara. Her mother is a Muslim and her father is a Christian, and because of the religious differences, the mother’s family wanted to harm the child if the couple decided to keep her in their care. So the family ordered for little Maria to be moved out of the house when she was only a week old, and since that day, her mother has not seen her, but her father checks in with her regularly.

A sweet and playful girl, Maria is currently enrolled in kindergarten and is the only grandchild among the crew of 5 of Barbara's other children. Maria's grandfather is a police officer and works in another district, but Barbara keeps the family in line as best she can.

In May, Maria developed the swelling on top of her head, but Barbara thought it was a result of a minor fall. She kept massaging it and applying heat but the size increased, which prompted Barbara to visit a hospital. At the hospital, a CT scan was ordered and it was found that Maria has an abscess, a hematoma. They were then referred to CURE immediately for surgery, and we hope you'll be with us as we pray and work toward complete healing for this sweet girl!



  1. 08/01/2014 Maria Nabatanda has arrived and will be treated in the next few days for a hematoma, visible on the top of her little head. She's already made friends with most of the staff and she's very independent. Barbara, her grandmother, is with her for this journey and we're so thankful for her commitment to seek treatment for Maria. The family lives about 120 miles from Mbale and CURE Uganda. Barbara is hopeful that treatment will go well and Maria will return to school in the next month!


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